I need help finding an electronic component

Basically, I want to know if a certain optocouple (reflective sensor) is still in production. The part number is OTR641.

I can find references to it in google, but I can’t find availability information. I pretty much take this to be a bad sign, but I remain somewhat hopeful.

I’d appreciate any help, if possible. Thanks.

The two top component distibutors I deal with, DigiKey and Allied Electronics, do not carry that part number. I’d suggest trying to locate an equivalent, instead.

The manufacturer of the OTR641 is Opto Technology, Inc.. They’d be the folks to contact about a substitution.

Thank you so much Q.E.D.!

If you are only looking for a couple of pieces (say for a repair) most of those hits you found were for distributors, who may be sitting on stock, even if the part isn’t being manufactured any more.

planetonecomponents shows having 172 pc in stock.

Wow. Thanks for the link, Tastes of Chocolate!

I do believe I owe the both of you a drink of some sort!