I need help—yet again—identifying a pop song....

This is, what—the fourth or fifth one of these I’ve done so far? I hope it’s not too annoying, and these identifications do mean a lot to me.

It’s a mid-80s pop song, sung by a lady I think. The bpm is about 104, I think, and there is a horn section. Might it be a one-hit wonder? I was wrong before…

Here’s the melody line of the chorus that I remember, and a link to an online MIDI piano. Dashes indicate sustain:

Here’s a piano.

F------ G C-----

F G A— A A# A— D C-----

F F G A-- G F–D F-----G C

Many thanks if you are able to help.

I couldn’t find a C on that keyboard. No, I’m no Pianist, but I loved the movie.

maybe if you could tell us some lyrics it might be easier for a few of us.

On that particular keyboard, the ‘C’ is the first key. ‘C’ is also the white key that sits just before the two adjacent black keys.

The note indicator is visible towards the top-right hand corner.

Sorry, I don’t know any lyrics. If I knew even one, I’d head off to Google.

Top right hand corner of the keyboard, but smack in the center of the applet. :smack:

I can’t get the applet to work. :frowning:

I love the applet.

But can’t recognize the song.

holy crap I think I know it, the name of the song is “break out”

“don’t stop to ask
you’ve got to find a way to make it last
you’ve got to find a way
say what you want to say
and break out”

(something like that)

And if this IS the song you’re thinking of, a google search says it’s by Swing Out Sister.

Why, that’s the one! Thanks so much!

Yeah, that’s a cool Java keyboard I stumbled upon one day. While I was looking for alternate Java keyboards since Mr Blue Sky couldn’t use it, I came across a classical music search site that utilizes a larger keyboard with which you can pick out a melody and it makes a sort of punch card that the engine uses to search with. It would be a neat thing to have this available for more popular types of music.

If it’s the first key, why is the key marked A?

Because that’s the key on the keyboard that you use to play it. If you look close, you’ll see that it uses the keys on the keyboard that align most with a piano keyboard.