I need jeans

I was wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get a decent fitting pair of jeans. I like mine snug which is somewhat hard to find these days. The only thing that comes close are stretch jeans but those are kind of thin and wear out too easily(I’m kinda hard on my clothes.) So if anyone knows of a particular store or company your information would be much appreciated.

BTW I am talking about men’s jeans.

My best guess would be some sort of clothing store.

Get thee to thy local Feed ‘n’ Seed store. Buy thee Wranglers. There will be much rejoicing among the women in thy life.

Goodwill stores.

You can get them pre shrunk.

And cheap.

I have the worst luck when it comes to goodwill. I barely ever find anything or anything that fits when I go there.

Last week I was at JC Penney’s and I swear they have about 92 different styles of Levi’s and about 70 of Wranglers.

Give me the old shrink to fit 501s, man…

Check out the places where the hipsters shop. Snug jeans are all the rage these days.

Go high street, not branded.
Cheap shop=less material=smaller jeans.