I need Mac help please

I am trying to help someone with their IBookG4. It is running Mac OSX 10.3.9 with 7.68 MB memory.

It keeps getting an error message that says a certain system is failing. For example it wiil say that the Safari system is failing.

I haven’t seen this message but she has on several systems.

Can I re-install the operating system like Win XP? Just do an over-the-top installation?
Is it fairly self-explanatory on the disks what to do?

I found a website that says I can do an install and then migrate the files but any other tips and tricks would be GREATLY appreciated.

Also, there is only one user on this system, any idea what authorizations I need to be aware of?

Here is the website that shows how to re-install here
Thank you

The EXACT error message would be a big help. I’ve never seen or heard of an error message like this one.
You can do an “Archive and install” which will preserve her old system, and install a new one, keeping all her personal settings. You then must do all the system updates.

Just a minor correction: it’s 768 MB of RAM, not 7.68.

Do the kind of install known as an “archive-and-install”. All programs and user settings and preferences, bookmarks, passwords, emails, etc, will be preserved; but the core OS will be over-installed upon.

I wouldn’t do anything until you actually see the message.
If she is a novice user, she might be mis-interpreting some stupid web pop-up trying to sell her anti-virus software.

I second Beowulff. This does not sound like any error message I have ever seen on the mac. Tell your friend to take a screen shot of the message the next time it pops up (Pressing Command (the key with the apple symbol on it), the shift key and 3 simultaneously). This will place a file with an image of the screen on the desktop. If you post the text of the error message, we will be much better able to advise you.

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