I Need New Internet Provider - Cheap. Suggestions?

I currently have Earthlink (Sprynet) and they have just raised their rates (again) and maybe it is time for me to bid them farewell.

I saw:

There are a whole bunch of providers for free, or for very little money for 24/7 access.
Anybody have any experiences with any of them, good or bad?


Wrong link.


Ummm, uponing viewing this link it seems that it would serve you well to apprise your fellow dopers of the area code in which you reside. Without this information it is difficult to determine which ISP’s are in your area.

Good point!
I live in the (702) area code (Las Vegas, NV).

Try www.ev1.net

I use them and very rarely have problems. It’s $10 a month. You get a bunch of email addy’s and 300 megs of web space. I never get a busy signal even though there is only one access number in Vegas.

The only downside is that if you have to call EV1 it is a long distance number.

The free providers (I thought they all went out of buisness) are bsaed on ads and, according to my sister who tried a few, really slow.


Er, my use of erroneous gerunds aside… Two I recognize off this list that I have heard nothing but complaints about are NotZero and Juno. As sleestak mentions, the “free providers” offer users little more than horrendous load times and more add banners than the most stalwart pop-up crusher could contain. I know nothing of ev1 but if it works for $10/month, I say go for it. Myself, I’ll stick with the good ole’ cable modem. Mmmmmm… delicious bandwidth. :smiley: