I need the joke to this punchline!

On my drive to work this morning I changed stations just in time to hear the punchline to a joke that I had never heard. Now I just HAVE to know what the joke was!! I’ts killing me. Knowing the station it could be a little racy but not necessarily. OK, here goes…

“…and St. Peter says to Mother Theresa, ‘Thats not a crown your holding. Its a steering wheel.’”

Now tell me that wouldn’t drive you nuts! Hell, if you don’t know… just make one up.


You’re right, it’s driving me nuts as I type this. I sure hope someone can deliver the joke before I flip out and assasinate a co-worker or something.

thanks saltire! i come in looking for what i think is a posting of the answer…

I think you heard it wrong

mother theresa and princess Di both arrive at the same time (I believe they died withing days of each other and that’s whne the joke was around).

Mother theresa asks why princess Di would have a halo and she is told that is not a halo, it’s a steering wheel.

I definatly heard crown… but either way I suppose thats the joke.
Thats horrible, not funny, no good, very bad. What did ya have to go and tell me that for?!?!


The Princess of Wales’ passing was all the result of a tragic misunderstanding.

In reality, the reporters’ instructions merely read, “Follow closely and watch Princess Di(e).”

bah dum bum…

The full text of the joke here by doing a find on “Theresa”. Dumb joke, in my opinion.