I need to figure out how to surprise my SO

All right, so I’m spending this weekend with my SO. For some reason somewhat outside of the sphere of mortal understanding, I feel the need to surprise him with something/by doing something. Thing is, though, I’m pretty new to the even-marginally-conventional dating scene, so I can’t think of a surprise. Or even what realm an appropriate surprise would be in.

So, basically, I’m asking for suggestions, both mundane and risque. The only limitations are that he now has a roommate, so no all-day-love-fests (though a multi-hour one is doable, or a quiet one), and that I’m a bit on the broke side, so it can’t cost more than about 20 bucks to pull off. And, um, it can’t be from a “specialty” shop. 'Cause I don’t know where there are any.

Additionally, since he’s a guy, the things I know of as the conventional “awwww” gifts–flowers, chocolate, etc.–don’t seem appropriate somehow. Kind of like trying to figure out what to give a guy for Valentine’s day.

I suppose this could serve as a general “what to get guys as romantic gifts” thread. Graz!

As a guy, I like flowers and chocolates :wink:

As for surprises, it’s hard to say without detailed information.

Put on his favorite music, open a bottle of Suava Bolla, light scented candles and take a bath with him. Later, tickle his back while he goes to sleep.

Perhaps a pair of silkie boxers that have been folded into a rose (I’ve seen those at checkout counters in the States), bottle of wine and a nice dinner? For you - or the both of you - hows about a silkie nighty?

And yes, guys do (can) appreciate the choccies and flowers as well… They just don’t like to admit it in front of their guy friends…

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Just kick him in the nuts and then yell ‘Suprise’.

Trust me, he will be suprised.

As a nice surprise your should just follow the consecutive thread titles I found when opening your thread.

I need to figure out how to surprise my SO

Women, male prostitutes and men's opinions  

Who knows you might be surprised too. :slight_smile:

Barring that one I would suggest I nice little homemade dinner served on a blanket pic-a-nic style in his bedroom, if he digs Italian food a really quick, easy and delicious dish is chicken primavera (I know it’s supposed to have veggies but I just like the sauce). Buy two boneless chicken breasts, a bottle of Newman’s Italian dressing (Paul, not Seinfield’s), 6 oz of fettuccine, and two packages of McCormick’s primavera mix (it’s powdered, so you’ll need milk water a bit of butter and a little oil, but hopefully he’ll have that). Cube the chicken then cook it in a skillet using the italian dressing as seasoning for the chicken, boil you pesgetti, mix the sauce and looks like you worked on it for hours (cooking time is about 20 minutes and you should start the noodles right before you start cutting up the chicken). I would be impressed; then again that’s just my 2 cents.

a few months ago i wanted to suprise my boyfriend. i bought a sexy black bra and see through black thong. and i also completly shaved my bikini area(he had really wanted me to do it). be fore he picked me up i told him i had three suprises for him but it was up to him to find out. he loved it.

Tell him you wanna pee on him.

Fill a condom with water and freeze it. Work it in your most intimate of areas, while he’s in your back door…feels pretty neat from a guys perspective.

Hit him with a water balloon. Now that’s a nice surprise.

Give his roommate $20 and tell him to get lost.
Then jump your SO all freakin’ day.

The one thing that welbywife did that I’ll never forget:

Bring out the honey and have ‘dessert’ when he least expects it.

Pour dozens of wet refrigerated fish down the back of his shirt. He won’t be expecting that.

How does he feel about extended blow-jobs? I hear some guys like those;)


Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I think I’m actually going to go with the flowers–I arrange them as a hobby, 'cause I’ve got a thing for color–and a poem. 'Cause, well, yeah, that’s pretty well the most personal thing I can do.

Oh, yeah…going to include a couple of the carnal benefits as well. Though I think I’ll forgo the wet fish ;).

what’s an extended bj???

Here’s a good one: Take a peeled banana (do this no more than 15-20 minutes b4 he’s expected home) and “insert” it. Initiate sex asap when he gets there, directing him toward giving you oral pleasure. When he gets down there, use your girlie muscles to slowly feed him the banana.

Or you could go with the flowers…

A bottle of wine & a home made Saran-Wrap bikini will do nicely.