I need to know this sex move

Back in the heyday if LA Law, there was an episode where the short lawyer (forgot his name) learns some sort of sex move from some guy who’s got women dying to sleep with him. At the end of the episode uses it on his wife (Jill Eikenberry, I think). I vaguely recall her laying in bed afterwards saying something like, “That’s the first time I’ve ever lost consciousness.”

Of course, you never find out what it is. I think they were calling the venus flytrap or some warped name like that.

Does anyone know if that was based on something real? And if so, can you tell me what it is? This has been nagging at me for years. For the sake of upholding the sanctity of this forum, I’ll be more than happy to accept emails…

Yeah, I remember this - The short lawyer (Stu?) was acting for a guy who had a lot of ex-wives (or he was acting for the wives) and they all agreed that he was unusually gifted in the sack. Stu asked the guy and got told the secret technique that involved…a lobster!

We never found out what the move was, and I am fairly sure that the writers never had anything specific in mind, it was just a gag that ran for a while. I can’t claim to know everything however, and no doubt at least one Doper has used a lobster for a sexual purpose, but I am not aware of any general lobster move!

In LA Law, the technique was called the Venus Butterfly. Stuart Markowitz (Michael Tucker) used in with his wife, Ann Kelsey (Jill Eikenberry). Iguana Boy is right – the technique was never explained on the show, and it was just a running gag. Since then, some people have called various techniques and products the Venus Butterfly. Do a search on the term in Google and you’ll find lots of hits.

I remember one scene when they both were just laying there, each saying how wonderfully exhausted they were. Then, there was a slight pause, and she asked. “Could we do it again?” His response was, “I’ll call room service!” and he dove for the phone.

Mysteries! :slight_smile:

That’s easy. First, get two live lobsters. Then, bring a large pot of water to a boil. Drop the lobsters in, and serve them with herb butter sauce under candlelight. Wait for loved one to start cuddling.

Chronos, that is perverted and disgusting.

For shame.


Here’s one (not that I’ve had the chance to try it in a while). Slide Mr. Happy in along with a finger while she’s on her back. Use the finger to push Mr. Happy up against the frontal vaginal wall. There’s a chance you’ll start rubbing up against the G-spot, and when that happens, certain ladies respond in quite interesting ways. Do fluttering eyelids count as loss of consciousness?

That, of course, assumes you have enough room to insert a finger, which I’m sure some of the gents here will be happy to tell you is not possible for them. They’re missing out.