I never introduced myself to the Dopers...

…and maybe that’s why only about eight people have acknowledged my existance, even though I try to be a considerate, thoughtful poster on most occassions (had a scuffle in the Pit recently, but hey, it’s what it’s for, right?).

Anyway, I’m not bitchin’, just feelin’ kind of lonely.

My name is Anna Belle and I live on the KY/IN border. I’m thirty-something, :D, have one child (a beautiful daughter) and am in my last year of my long, part-time pursuit of my undergaduate degree. Hoorah! It’s almost over. I’m trying to be a respectable writer, but am kept so busy by parenting & school that I’ve found little time for submitting my work. Soon, I hope to have time. I plan on taking a year off before I pursue a graduate degree (hopefully an MFA). My plan is to have something to fall back on (teaching at a university, hopefully). I’m single and content that way. I’m worse than athiest; I am completely apathetic on the subject of spiritual enlightment.

I love literature and movies, am shamefully a big Law & Order fan. I miss Homicide: Life on the Streets.

I’ve been a fan of Cecil for fifteen! years. As a teen, I dwelt long hours on the Carnal Knowledge sections of the original Straight Dope books, where I learned about hamster stuffing (I’ve never tried and shudder at the thought) and that a coke douche is not birth control but can dissolve meat over a 24-48 hour period. Cool, eh?

I am pleased to meet all of you. I have found my experience here to be enlightening in so many ways, and have enjoyed the humor (especially Scylla’s blimp story and the 1920’s style death rays thread–too funny.) Thank you if you made it this far in my ramblings. :slight_smile:

Well hi presidebt. I would have said hi before but I don’t actually recall seeing any of your posts. You should have dropped into the virtual hot tub. You still can, but the tub has been brewing for so long that it is now more like soup.
The (optional) swimwear has long since dissolved and there’s a variety of limbs floating around. Flirt soup.

Hi there presidebt! A belated welcome to the SDMB from a REAL old-timer.

Your user number (as stated above) is 28393. Mine is 201 (I think I remembered it correctly) and I lurked for one heck of a long time after my first flurry of posts. Some people wish I would have kept lurking.

I’m 40-something, married to the poster known as cadolphin and have three wonderful cat-kids. No children. We live 4 miles from the beach in Orange County, California, in a town nicknamed Surf City.

And flexcheese, may I extend a hand of welcome to you as well?

Well, nice to see you’re still around here, presidebt (yes, I have seen posts of yours), and welcome to flexcheese. It takes a bit to get noticed around here, unless it’s for extraordinarily good stuff, or extraordinarily bad stuff.

I’ll still invisible myself, mostly. :slight_smile:

I had to interrupt a debate to receive my first nod, so don’t worry, be happy.
Anna Belle was my husband’s last wife’s name, but I won’t hold that against you :smiley:

Not invisible to me Ice Wolf. I keep my eyes open for NZ dopers.

Hi Presidebt ! Maybe you started a “HI, I’m” trend. I’m always interested to know about other dopers.

Hope to see you around.

BTW where are you guys getting these user # From??

Do you mean the number of posts? It’s at the left side of each poster’s response to a thread.

Hi presidebt! I’ve seen you around too, you’re not completely invisible.

torie, you can get the user number from your (or someone else’s) profile. If you hover over the profile button, you’ll see a URL at the bottom of the screen, including userid=#####. You’re 40372, I won’t be sure what I am until this post goes through and I can check.

If you put your mouse over the <search> button you can see the search url at the bottom of your browser. It includes the userid number.
torie is 40372

oh ok Thanks. Sorry for the hijack Presidebt.

Hi there.

So are you a president with a bad head cold? :smiley:

(Just my goofy sense of humor. I direct it at anybody.)


It’s really OK. Some of us just parachute in! :slight_smile: Welcome. And do you also like “MI-5?”

heh. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who dropped in unannounced…

And a hearty welcome to presidebt, my hat’s off to you for standing up in front of the crowd just to say hi.

Hi there. Say…do you come here often?

Like vivalostwages, whenever I see your user name I’m inclined to ask when your cold will be over… Which just goes to show that I have seen your posts and liked them. No introduction necessary, but appreciated nonetheless. Can’t welcome you, though, since I notice you registered before me. :slight_smile:

A belated welcome to ya, presidebt :slight_smile:

Ooh, can I join in? I never introduced myself either. But then, I never spent the usual amount of time just lurking, either - I dived straight in with my first post within a couple of hours, such was my excitement at discovering such an intelligent and witty message board (does blatant flattery work with you guys?). Unfortunately, that first post was an attempt to be flippant in a GD thread (bad idea - very,very bad) and the reaction to it caused me to scurry off whimpering with my tail between my legs. But, hey, I got over it and learnt from experience - I now avoid GD 'cos it’s all just far too serious, and the Pit 'cos the naked aggression scares me - and just hang around here and IMHO, where it’s more chilled out.
So anyway, I was gonna introduce myself. Ahem:
Hi everyone, my name’s Jenny and I’m a newbie.

Aaah, that feels soooo much better!

Greetings Jennyrosity. Sure you can join in, after all, that’s what I’m doing.
I once heard of Plymouth, Devon, England.
That’s where those cars come from isn’t it? They dig them out of the White Cliffs of Dev… uh Dover.

And hello presidebt and flexcheese Nice to see another couple Kentuky Colonels.
My ex was not named Anna Belle, but I called her Liberty Belle because of how she liberated me from my money and then took off.

What’s “MI-5”?

And thank you all for your warm welcome! What a wonderful thing to wake up to.

That’s funny about the cold thing. I didn’t even put that together. Presidebt is my yahoo name, which I picked long ago, as a tribute to Reagan, but hey, if it’s applicable now too… Quite frankly, I now wish I’d picked something else, because I’m sometimes mistaken for a guy, and I’m rather attached to my femininity.

I’ll tell you the truth, on the other MBs I’m on, I lurk quite a bit less than I do here. I still post routinely here, but I read WAAAAAY more than I post. I’m actually thankful to the SDMB for teaching me the importance of and delicate art of lurking.

And thanks for the heads up on the user number–I always wondered about that.

Suddenly, I’m feeling groovy…:slight_smile: Thanks again for the bright morning.