I never...until...

I never drank coffee until I was in college.

I never drank coffee on a daily basis until I became a teacher.

I never drank coffee twice a day until I became a mother.

I never voted Democrat until George H. W. Bush was in office.

I never heard of or saw a pomegranate until I moved to California.

I never had hemorrhoids until I was pregnant.

I never knew how to drive a manual transmission until after I bought a car with one.

I never played with trains or Legos until I had a son.

I never enjoyed participating in competitive sports until I became an equestrian.

I never had interest in message boards until I found The Straight Dope.

I never knew the hairstyle was called a “Mullet” until about 10 years after they were out of fashion.

I never used an electric stove until I moved out of my parents house.

I never played Wii until this Christmas eve.

I never traveled out of the eastern time zone until I went to Las Vegas in 2003.

I never had my own cat until November of last year when I took one in “temporarily” and couldn’t let her go.

I never heard of any of you until I joined the Straight Dope. :smiley:

Is this unusual?

I never played(or even knew how to play) Yahtzee until I was 25 years old. Just never saw it or had occasion to.

I never ate tomatoes until the age of 32 when my then-new-boyfriend (now husband) lovingly prepared me a meal whose primary ingredient was 1 kg of them, raw.
I never really saw the value of an electric blanket till we got one at the start of this winter.
I never understood why sleep deprivation was used as torture until my daughter was born.

I never drank coffee until I was 28.

I never enjoyed exercising until I was 19 and started running (can’t do it anymore, though–knee issues)

I never liked dogs, even the one we had when I was a kid (and yes, that makes me sad) until I got one of my very own. Now–LOVE.

I never liked vegetables until I realized as an adult that they don’t have to be boiled within an inch of their lives.

That’s similar to me. I played it for the first time this past summer…and I’m 28! (Was 27 at the time.)

I played it the once with the actual dice and cup then, and like half a dozen times since I’ve played it on my friend’s X-Box 360 on some Hasbro XBLA game he downloaded.

I never liked vegetables until I had Indian food.

I never hitchhiked until I lived in South America for a while.

I never thought I’d hate following the news until it became part of my job to do so.

I never thought I’d be overweight until I was. (I still remember saying how disgusting it was that people let themselves get overweight; then I had kids.)

I never realized how difficult losing weight could be until I started doing it myself.

I never thought I’d act like my mom until I followed through on my threat to “stop this car right now” one day while my son was misbehaving in the back seat of my car. It was mortifying but necessary.

I never “got” babies until I actually had one, and even then it took a few months. I was kind of anti-child growing up (thanks for the brainwashing, mom!) and never thought I had any maternal instinct. My friends had babies and I said all the right things, but thought having kids made you kind of boring…Found myself pregnant and … meh. Well, let’s get this thing over with, was my attitude. Had the baby and the hospital kept wheeling her in to my bedside, twice a day, and I was kind of…puzzled. That’s a nice baby there, now take it back to the nursery, please? Brought the baby home and I was deathly afraid. This isn’t going to work out. I’m not mother material. I don’t know nuthin’ about babies! … Somehow we muddled through, and at some point the maternal instinct kicked in. (Though, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve always felt like an older sister than a mom!)…Now I have a beautiful, brilliant, college graduate, sister-like daughter living with us, we are best of friends, and I thank God above every day for this blessing. She is a true gift from heaven and I love her beyond my own life.

I never saw snow until I was nineteen years old.

I was never able to stop biting my nails until I got pregnant.

I never knew how to use a computer until I got this job. I was also frightened of using the phone!

I never liked children until I had my own. Now I like those two. :slight_smile:

I never liked sweet potatoes until I tried them without marshmallows.

I never learned to drive until I was twenty-one.

I never felt old at work until I came here two months ago (I’m only 39, but almost everyone on this floor is under 30…it’s amazing how old that makes me feel).

I never thought I would be single with a dog until I moved out of my ex’s house last year and took my puppy with me.

I never stuck with a message board for longer than a year until I found this place (which I credit to the facts that (a) hot-button topics have their own forum, and (b) I have avoided GD like the plague).

I never knew that a website could significantly impact my life until I joined Facebook.

I never knew how difficult it was to sing jazz well until I started trying last year.

Not especially but neither is not drinking coffee until college. I didn’t think it was a requirement in the thread.

But if you like, I’ll replace it with this: I never knew I had a grandfather who was still living until I was fourteen.

I never joined Facebook.

I never tweeted.

until Hell freezes over…

Got ya beat. I never had my driver’s license until I was 23.

I never had a bagel until I was like 17. And then having had one can’t understand why anyone would want one.

I never. . .

drank coffee until I was sent to Kotzebue, AK to work.
had sex until I was 20.
had other than missionary sex until I was 27 (sigh).
bought a house until I was 51.