I only eat pizza when I'm dieting.

As I’m sure many of you know (and tire of hearing about), I compete in natural-bodybuilding, as a paraplegic. In general, when not preparing for a show (the “off-season”) I eat a pretty healthy diet. I personally don’t believe in “bulking up” as I prefer to stay relatively lean, year round. And come contest time, I have less fat to shed.

Anyway this leads me to my OP. In my “off-season” eating habits, I never eat pizza. I just don’t. I mean, I’ve grown so accustomed to not eating ‘junk’ that it doesn’t even register on my radar. Sure, once in a great while I’ll grab fast food or some other crap but I really don’t ever eat pizza. But things change when I’m dieting for a show.

And I’m currently dieting for a show. And now I eat pizza (or at least for now, 'til I have to totally tighten the diet up). And Oh-my-fucking-GOD I have not experienced such orgasmic pleasure such as this! :smiley:

I am on a very-high protein/very-low carbohydrate/moderate fat diet with one ‘high-carb’ meal as my last (sixth) meal on saturday. This meal serves a few functions; one is to satisfy the dieter’s mental and physical cravings and keep the motivation high. Another is to keep, or trick, the metabolism into remaining (or maybe being elevated slightly) at a high-calorie burning pace. When the body is subjected to extended periods of fasting/calorie-deprivation, the metabolism slows to a snails pace in response to this deprivation. This is a survival function meant to hold onto every precious calorie the body has because it doesn’t know when the next is coming in and is the worst possible state a bodybuilder could wish to be in.

My show is Sept.29. I purposely started preparing for this show well ahead of time in order to avoid having to go totally ‘balls-to-the-wall’ 24/7 like I have previously. One of those advantages is being able to have some motherfucking deep-dish pepperoni pizza as my “high-carb meal” on saturday (tonight). I have not enjoyed something so much since…since, IDK. Now in a couple weeks, the Sat. night pizza is going to be replaced with some boring oatmeal, yams and a banana. But even those carbs will be delish.

I really wanted to start this thread though, because I cannot believe how much I am loving this food. I can describe, in exquisite detail, every little aspect of this slice as I sink my teeth into it’s soggy, yet crunchy crust. The cheese bubbles and sinks into the deep crevices of the bread that gives rise to the chrunchy pepperonis riding the tides. After devouring, my lips are left with a salty reminder of the gluttonous debauchery I’vr just committed. :smiley: The lovely culinary debauchery. Ahhh. The memories of it will help get me through 'til the next week.

This is definitely the appropriate forum. That’s for sure.

I lost 20 pounds one summer while eating What-A-Burger almost daily. Mind you, it was the What-a-burger Jr., with no fries, and a diet coke, and carefuly watching my intake, but I still got me some freaking What-A-Burger on a daily basis.

For me, the big problem is motivation. That, and the fact that I enjoy eating as an activity unto itself. One of my pet peeves has always been snooty know-it-alls who feel the need to butt in on my meal time to inform me that I shouldn’t be eating food I enjoy just because I’m trying to lose weight. Nevermind the fact that when I am dieting, I tend to eat considerably less of the junky food than I normally would, somehow having a slice of pizza a couple times a week is an express train to lardopalooza, regardless of the fact that I’ve not failed a PT test in four years of getting tested every 6-12 months.

If what you do works, keep doing it, and ignore any haters. :smiley: