I ordered Volume 1 though 31 of the Twilight Zone DVD

That’s right, 64 hours of Twilight Zone madness heading my way.

Volumes 1 thought 13 arrived today, 14 though 31 are in the post. I’m going to order the last 10 or so tomorrow.

I’ve been wanting this set from the day I first saw it. At $14.95 a pop, with 3-4 episodes per DVD, I just couldn’t see spending $640 on the complete set. Then the street price seemed to drop to around $10 a DVD. That’s still $430. Ouch. Twilight Zone rocks but thats still a chunk of change for a show that’s been running non-stop on several different channels since the late 1960’s. (“The Fever” episode is playing on The Sci-Fi channel as I write this)

But thanks to a new remastered, redigitized, remarketed collection release, Amazon dropped the price of this older series to $4.99 each. That’s $215 for the complete set. I’m all over that like a bicycle on goat cheese.

The best part, I’m off to the hospital for surgery next week. Ok, that’s not really the best part. That more like the worse part. But anyway,. I’ll be sitting around the house recovering for 7 days on pain killers. Sounds like a perfect time to break these DVD’s in. If it’s anything like the last time I sat around the house on recovery pain killers, I won’t remember them the next day so I’ll get to enjoy these DVDs again later.

I learned this little pain killer fact my last surgery when the wife rented Solaris and in my pain killer haze I decided to watch it. (To this day I still blame the pain killers for my lack of judgement on that action.) A few weeks later I read the reviews of the movie and I consider myself lucky I don’t remember any of it.

Anyhoooo… what would a Twilight Zone thread be without a list of favourites?

My top few favourites in no particular order. I don’t know the names of them so I’ll make them up. We’ve all seen these several times over so you’ll know which ones I mean.

Talking Tina vs Kojack - Oh yeah. Nothing says creep like a Chatty Cathy doll that just won’t die.

Captain Kirk vs The Airplane Monkeyman - Back in the days where sleeping pills are passed out like candy to people smoking cigarettes on airplanes. Just how did that Monkeyman fly with those furry arms anyway?

In case of H-Bomb attack, remember 2nd pair of glasses - Poor, poor Bookworm Meredith. That will teach you to not take them up the “get a second pair for only $20” offer.

IT’S A COOKBOOK! - I used to go to highschool with a guy who looked just like that alien. Big head, open mouth, same stoned look about him. I love the “code cracking” machinery in this episode. Nothing says decryption power like big analogue knobs and switches that go :thunck: when you flip them. This was the first Twilight Zone I remember watching. I think I was 7 years old at the time.

They just released the first season in a proper boxed set. I hate corporate America.

Yup, that’s the one that dropped the price of the ones I’m buying.

I guess it’s a glass half full/half empty sort of thing.

Don’t you just love price drops? I just noticed that Season 1 of the X-files dropped from $99 to $34. Santa is not getting time off for good behaviour.

Trying to stay away from the hoariest of the hoary, I liked the bus passengers stranded in the diner, Klugman with a trumpet (or a cue stick), Lee Marvin coaching the robot fighter or sticking the knife into the ground at that Boot Hill grave. Didn’t think the actors meant so much to me but maybe I was wrong.