I passed State Boards!!

And now I’m a real live honest to goodness Registered Nurse!! Actually, I’ve been practicing under a temporary licence for a month, but it’s a great feeling to finally have the real thing in hand. WOOOOHOOOO!!!

“There are more things you don’t know than there are things that I do know. I despair of the imbalance.” – Dr. Morgenes, The Dragonbone Chair

Congratulations! The boards are the hardest part of the whole process. Good for you! We need more dedicated nurses out there. :smiley:

Congradulations, there IS life after nursing school

Congrats to you. That’s a hard job and one that many people are not cut out for. I’m impressed.

I’ve learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it.

YAY! Congrats! Nurses deserve all our respect and more… considering what they have to put up with!

Congrats and best of luck!! :slight_smile:

“Semper Ubi Sub Ubi.” =-)

Awwwww, thanks guys (and girls)!

p.s. ultress, I love your sig!

“There are more things you don’t know than there are things that I do know. I despair of the imbalance.” – Dr. Morgenes, The Dragonbone Chair

So, can I call you Nurse Diesel? (see “High Anxiety”) Please remember that nowadays thermometers are made to be used orally.

Congratulations, and watch out for guys like Wally! :wink:

“I thought: opera, how hard can it be? Songs. Pretty girls dancing. Nice scenery. Lots of people handing over cash. Got to be better than the cut-throat world of yoghurt, I thought.” - Seldom Bucket

Many congrats!! Tough job, few thanks, great rewards. Good luck!!

Seen on billboard near home:
Don’t make me come down there.

What an accomplishment! Congratulations, Ms. R.N.!


Say, are you going to be one of those OR nurses, 'cause I got questions.

Suppose they’re doing heart surgery and your chest is open and you sneeze. Does your semi colon go flying across the room?

What do you do if at the end of the operation you take a count and you’re short a scalpel, two homo stats and a pair of pinking shears?

What if in the middle of the operation the surgeon’s pager goes off and it’s his stockbroker? Does he turn things over to one of his flunkies so he can go to a phone and give instructions to sell/buy/hold/trade?

Do you have a backup plan in case the surgeon says, “Fuck it. I can’t do this anymore. I’m in a dead-end job.”

And finally, what kind of music is piped in during the operation?

If it’s Celine Dion, they can bury me now.

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I demand a recount.

Obvious Congratulations to YOU!!!

I’ve been in the biz for almost twenty years and must say that the rewards are often intangible. When I go home after work, I can at least know that someone’s life is a little better from my efforts.

(I wonder if I could even pass boards now?!)


You know, GB, I feel the same way about my job. Everyday somebody thanks me for what I do; how many people are that fortunate?

“There are more things you don’t know than there are things that I do know. I despair of the imbalance.” – Dr. Morgenes, The Dragonbone Chair

Way to go!!! My brother-in-law just passed his boards, too, and now he’s an official dentist.

Free dental care!!

Congrats, Nightingale! (Or should I just call you “Florence”?) I’m with ultress on this: Not a job that anyone can do. I rank it up there with policeman and U.S. President as a job that I could not and would not have. (I run short on empathy.) I’m sure you’ll be a great nurse.

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(or something)

Hey! Way to go! You know, I’ve been wanting to ask a professional about this pain I’ve been having…

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that every relative and neighbor you have will now assume that you can diagnose "this pain that kinda comes and goes, but it really sorta is mostly here (pointing vaguely to the abdomen) and it only happens when I (choose one: eat a big meal, don’t eat, watch someone else eat, think about eating, or when I am around chemicals (unspecified, just chemicals)).
I guess we should be flattered.

Immense good luck to you and refer to my email for pressing infection control questions.


Congratulations on becoming a Real Nurse!

I remember my wife going through the agony of waiting for board results; It took 3 weeks as I recall!

Congratulations again! ::HUG!::


Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel. True, and they have many other fine qualities as well.

Congratulations, Nightengale!!!

It’s awful when all those years of schooling come down to one test.

But what a huge relief when the thin envelope arrives!

I hope you enjoy your new professional status. :slight_smile:

Sue from El Paso

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.

Congratulations!! A word of advice though…

If your co-workers try to talk you into participating in a television show where the premise is marrying a multi-millionaire, just say NO.

“I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”