I passed the Maryland Bar Exam!

I was absolutely convinced I’d failed this thing. It’s good to be wrong. :slight_smile:

All I need to do now is take the one-day ethics class (mandatory for all new MD lawyers), get sworn in, and I shall be joining the ranks of our own learned LawDopers.

Congratulations to all the other Dopers who’ve passed the bar recently!

Hey, congratulations. And by coincidence, the next thread down (at least at this writing) is about a woman who passed her driver’s exam on her 950th try! So you just squeaked ahead of her by like 949 tries.


Congratulations - is it the greatest weight off your mind or what!?

Congratulations! welcome to the Bar!

Congrats. Your loan companies will be contacting you shortly.


Welcome to the Dark Side! (Is it true you get cookies?)



Thanks! And while I don’t know about the cookies, we will be getting donuts. See: http://www.msba.org/calendar/flyers/ProfessionalismMandatory09.pdf


Well done at earning a danish.

Woo Hoo! Congratulations and best of luck!