I pit a troll confirming his own idiocy, as they always do.

The Illustrious Super Kapowzler asks about allusions to fictional characters use of marijuana and vomits forth:


Q.E.D. bitches

Now I’m all for a bit of frivolity around here, but you’ve raised being mundane, pointless and needlessly esoteric to an art form. And its bad art, like someone haivng once seen a Jackson Pollock painting and saying wow, I can do that, I’m awesome. Despite an exhaustive search, I have yet to find anything you’re posted approaching amusing or informative. It seems with each new post, you’re on a pre-determined curve of gibberish asymptotically approaching characters typed at random. And would it kill you to add something to a topic started by others once in a while? We’re not here to talk about what you want to talk about all the time.

You departure, as inevitable as it seems, is nonetheless eagerly awaited by many, if I may presume to speak for them.

I think I ate a toadstool or something.

You forgot something!

And shit.

There’s already a thread going, and aren’t you just feeding it?

Look, you people took my Wildest Bill, then you took my VC03 - I will fight you to the death over taking my Super Kapowzler away from me, capiche?* No, he doesn’t post incredibly dense, completely incomprehensible academic treatises like collounsbury who I assume was getting paid by the twenty-five cent word, but he entertains me, goddammit! Which is more than I can say for a whole bunch of Great Debates-squatting, post-parsing pedants.

*Not really.

Pitting another low hanging fruit. Bad form. Penalty for overuse of troll accusations is a punch in the nuts.

Realy? I missed it. Where at? Anyhoo, I was supposed to provide a linky: http://boardstest.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=560652

You ate frog shit? Ewwwww…
Sorry, couldn’t let that one sneak past.

I only said troll once, and Kapowzler is the only one I’ve ever pitted. Do I still qualify for the penalty?

*covering up my nuts

For a second there, I thought you were saying he’s really Q.E.D., and I was like whaaa? That’s one way of starting over.

I like the guy.

I quote the philospher Townshend:

“You can cover up your guts, but when you cover up your nuts you’re admitting that there must be something wrong.”

Oh shit. I thought you were the one that pitted Carol the Cattle Mute, but that was SoulFrost. Must have been the winterish names. Sorry about that.

Titty-twisters to both for picking on the slow kids.

This is a challenging issue for me. SK is slightly amusing, but the shtick is getting old already.

and shit.

No worries. I’m all for being nice, even in the pit

Now hold on just a minute there, I take back what I said about being nice!:wink:

Naaah, I miss Quod Erat. His edit remarks ended with bitches reminding me of a XKCD toon. And shit.

You know, saying “and shit” just makes me feel like I’m part of the problem.

If I ever own a horse I am going to name it Faxmachine.

Same here. His screen name is awesome, and although he’s got the potential to be annoying in large doses, at least he’s generally not frucking up other peoples’ threads with his gibberish.
And shit.

Super Kapowzler is the funniest screen name I’ve ever seen.

I still miss VC03.