I pit being sick

I’m still sick. This crap has being going on for a month. I went in yesterday and they did an x-ray and found something that they want a better look at, so I’m waiting to be scheduled for a CAT scan.

Mongo miserable camper.

Sorry to hear it, amigo.

Hope they find out what’s making you miserable, and come up with a solution right quick.


I’m with you. Fuck being sick.
Best wishes!

Bah and harrumph.

Take care!

have they ruled out ass aids?

Shadow, you’re new here and shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions about your elders. Clothy is suffering for being wrong all the time. He has built up so much bad karma that it is overflowing into his current physical existence. Have some empathy because it sounds like it will happen to you sooner than later.

Clothahump, get well soon.

It’s been a bad year for stuff. Even my husband is sick and he never gets sick.

Hope it’s nothing too serious for you.

Do come back and tell us what they find. My husband has been sick for more than two weeks now and he’s never sick for more than two days. He’s actually thinking about going to the doctor.

If my husband actually goes to the doctor, we’ll know the end is near.

Sorry to hear.

You’re right, of course, being sick, is the worst!

Here’s hoping you find yourself on the mend, sooner rather than later!

No, actually, I think I’m just worn out by having to continually correct liberal stupidity. Much like Sisyphus rolling the rock up the hill, I feel doomed to failure but obligated to make the effort.

I hope you get better soon. Honestly.

I hope your docs figure out the problem and get you back on your feet, Clothahump. Best wishes.

I have that job IRL! I come here because shooting conservative fish in a barrel is easy.

Get well soon, buddy.

The CAT scan came back basically negative. I have a something-or-another in the lower part of my left lung that isn’t concerning the docs very much - they want to keep an eye on it for any future changes. And I have some plaque buildup in my carotid artery, but again not enough to concern them - monitor for changes, etc.

The last round of antibiotics seems to have done the trick. I’m no longer trying to cough up my lungs and I’m back on the floor teaching again. Thanks for the well wishes, guys!

Sometimes I wish we could all live in the Star Trek universe – not for the action and adventure and FTL travel and matter-replicators, but just for the medicine that can fix almost anything.

Well, unlike Sisyphus, you never seem to work very hard at it, so suck it up.

Fuck off. As I mentioned, it’s an overwhelming job. Stupidity - as exemplified by your post - can’t be fixed. But there are those of us who are honor-bound to try.

Honestly, Clothy, the trouble is that you’ve been brainwashed by the media you consume.

There are problems with liberalism, sure. But you have so little actual knowledge about the world, you’re reacting viscerally to trumped up nonsense.

Benghazi wasn’t a scandal. The IRS thing wasn’t a scandal. Global warming is happening.

These are things you don’t believe because you’ve been lied to by people you trust. The venom you spit is based on a fantasy view of the world. And it’s consuming you and forcing you into taking stupid stances and act like a petulant child.

Grow up, Clothy. Grow up and realize that you’re just beholden to misinformation as evangelized by FOX News, Mark Levin, and the other RW numbnuts that preach that Old-Time Religion.

I’m glad that you’re okay. It gives you more time to cast off your blinders and join us in the real world.