I pit lingering vague illnesses

As I’ve had one of those since January. You know the kind of thing.

Nothing bad enough to stay home from work for or that you can explain to the manager but bad enough to feel wrecked every night.

Nothing bad enough to have your friends fussing over you with tea and biscuits, but enough so that the little errands of life become hard work.

Good enough even to chance the pub even though you’re usually too tired for chit chat conversation and pay for your excess of going to bed after eleven with three days of feeling even worse.

Nothing you can really put you’re finger on and explain to people, but bad enough that you’ve lost your spark.

I should really count my blessings. There are many people out there who are really ill or in pain and who’d kill to have my level of health.

But I’m a whimp and I’m fed up with scraping by when I want to enjoy myself.

Virus, bacterium or whatever you are: just go away now. Please.

Bet it is a sinus infection. Does the same thing to me, flying just below the radar but sapping my joy in life. Antibiotics do wonders. Worth a check with a doctor.

PookahMacPhellimey- have you been checked out in case it’s glandular fever ( also known as Mononucleosis, mon, kissing disease, Epstein-Barr virus, EBV)? It’s a simple blood test from your GP.

That can give you EXACTLY those symptoms. Unfortunately it’s a virus, so there isn’t a treatment, but you do need rest and fluids.

When I was in final year of school 5 of my friends had it. 1 took the recommended 4 weeks off school, the rest didn’t. Of the other 4, 2 had viral hepatitis, 1 got Guillaume Barre and 1 end a tonsillar abcess (a quinsy) which gave him septicaemia. he ended up in ICU.

How are your teeth? I went through a period like that and then developed a bad toothache. Turned out I had an abcess that had been developing slowly. After a root canal and a course of antibiotics I felt better very quickly.

While everyone has posted their particular favorite illnesses, I think the general message you should be getting is: go see your doctor!

Yeah, I know that going to a doctor with such vague symptoms feels like a waste of time, but you could very well have something treatable, or at least diagnosable (then you get to brag to your friends about your disease), and quite possibly something that could become dangerous if you continue to ignore it.

Case in point: my crappy dragged-out feeling saga, which I attributed to some personal problems, turned out to be potentially life-threatening lupus. Now it’s under control.


Sorry you’re feeling bad. A day off with a little self-indulgence and extra sleep might make you feel better. Lots of liquids, a good soak, some fresh air.

Be easy on yourself.

Thanks for the advice and kind words everyone. Hmmmm, the Pit mightn’t have been the place for this thread. Then again, I do most definetely want to curse and stamp on this illness thingy! Fuck off illness!

And I did get this checked out by doctor more than once, and by an other one to be on the safe side and they don’t really know. But all the tests that can be done have been done and came back normal, so I suppose it’s unlikely to be something truly evil. Though that does mean they don’t really know what to do with me anymore.

For reasons that go beyond the scope of or reason for this thread I think they’re might be something to Merrily’s suggestion though, and I think I might look into that one.

But the main thing here was to get a bit of frustration out and a bit of sympathy. And that worked really well.

I hate these fuckers. I keep getting them. A sore throat that no-one can do anything about is replaced by a chest ache is replaced by tiredness is replaced by fuzzy vision is replaced by aching testicles is replaced by shitting blood (except apparently it wasn’t blood even though it was a bright red fluid streaming from my ass, as the tests showed no signs of blood), and the doctors can never do anything about it and they just shrug and shake their heads. I have stuff rammed down my throat and up my ass and get my balls ultrasounded and take all kinds of tests, but nothing ever turns up.

Sometimes I wish for cancer or a broken leg or something. Just something you can put your finger on. Something where the doctor can say “The problem is X and we can do Y about it”, even if Y turns out to be “jack shit”.

Well, I’m glad you tested negative for all of the evil things, even if it leaves you frustrated.

Being a girl creature, I wouldn’t know, but that kinda sounds like fun.:slight_smile:


Let’s trade bodies for a day. I’ll slip into a hot tub with a vibrator, and you can get testicular ultrasound.

But seriously - it isn’t all that bad, but having a doctor slap ice-cold gel on your balls and then bounce them around a bit with what looks like a dildo… I can think of better ways to spend a Saturday night, if you know what I mean.

I guess the doctors just don’t like you. I always get the warmed up gel. But then, I have never had my testicles ultrasounded, but then I am missing some parts for that. Maybe they keep it intentionally cold for the men-types. :wink:

It’s actually a very pleasurable feeling after the shock of the cold gel goes away. I had mine done by a very cute young female doctor.

It took all my self control not to have a full on boner. Got to half mast though :o

Testicular ultrasound beats Transvaginal ultrasound anyday.

TVS involves a probe about the size of a thumb and 6 inches long, and the cervix. Because it gives a better quality image than abdominal ultrasound, it’s now the technique of choice in early pregnancy, and for most gynae complaints.

Sorry, that should read:

"and the cervix being moved around a bit by the probe. Which can be uncomfortable.

Oh dear, my thread has descended into “unpleasant things that can be done to your sensitive parts”. But yes, it does make me feel luckier with my lot.

I had a barium enema yesterday - I wouldn’t wish that on my worse enema - er, I mean enemy.

Hope you feel better, Pookah.

I was worried about that happening to me, but I shouldn’t have. The situation is so intensely asexual that I don’t know why anyone would become aroused, no matter how hot the doctor is. Mine wasn’t, by the way.

I’m sure it does. But you can have multiple orgasms. So there.

OH boy. Yeah, those are…interesting. Especially when expelling the barium. Clunk, clunk, clunk. I hope I never have to have one of those again.

Did your doctor check your thyroid levels?

I was like what you’re describing in my jr. & sr. years of college and first year of grad school. I had to take naps in the middle of the day, had aches & pains, got sick pretty frequently, etc. It got bad enough that I couldn’t get through a day without a 60-90 minute nap in the student center during lunch. I was trying to loose weight by counting calories and exercising 3-4 times a week, but if anything I was gaining weight, and not muscle weight.

I went to the student health center and was told point blank by the doctor, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. I think you’re just not trying very hard to loose weight and have to give it more time. But, just to satify you, I’ll run some tests.”

A week later, she told me I was hypothyroid. A month later, after taking my new little pill everyday, I was no longer sleeping everyday & the other stuff started improving, too. I don’t know how old you are, but it’s not very common for 22 yr-olds to have hypothyroidism. Even though that doc was an ass, it’s still kind of remarkable I was diagnosed at that age. So maybe if you’re sort of young your doc has overlooked it.

Regardless, feel better!

Yep. Normal. Everything about me is normal. I could walk into a doctor’s office with maggots breeding in the open festering sores that cover the part of my skin that isn’t already covered by big black boils, and the doctor would take some tests, find nothing out of the ordinary and tell me to come back in two weeks if I didn’t get better.