I pit whatever the hell is wrong with me (whiny)

It started as heartburn.

Wait, no it didn’t. It started Sunday night, after my husband and I had gone out to dinner, came home and had an ice cream cone, and some popcorn as we watched a movie. We were going to bed and I thought, Gee whiz, I feel hungry. Why the hell do I feel hungry?? To hell with it, I’m going to bed.

Then it got worse. I woke up monday morning 4 hours before the alarm went off. Woke up to that sickening pukey feeling, that wet, swollen feeling in the back of my throat in addition to the heartburn. I hied myself off to the store and bought some rolaids. By the middle of the day the rolaids were gone and I felt like shit. Same crap monday night / tuesday morning, but worse.

Then yesterday was the day from hell. I couldn’t sleep the pain in my chest was so gnarly. Finally around 7am the exhaustion overcame the illness and I slept fitfully for, oh, three hours. Mr. Creature offers to take me to the hospital and I decline. I ran off to the store again for some mylanta and start quaffing. Finally around 3pm I fall asleep. I awake at 8pm to the worst feeling in the world: that sickening feeling of diarrhea coursing down the curves of my intestines like Hunter Thompson squealing down Mulholland on a Ducati and under the influence of massive quantites of mescaline. 1 hour spent on the toilet and wishing someone would just fucking kill me. Then 30 minutes of respite, then another 30 on the toilet. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I feel halfway human today, but somehow I know when I try to go to sleep, it’s just going to happen all the fuck over again.

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me, but ebola can’t be much worse.

Pregnant maybe?

That would be the worst cosmic joke ever.

This doesn’t fit everything you mentioned, but is it possible your blood sugar is out of whack? Mine used to do a lot of swinging around, and that “hungry when you go to sleep” thing was a big sign, as well as the nausea. I also had something similar with low iron, although I also had vauge days and low moods to go with it. If it keeps up it’s worth getting checked out.

Yeah I am going to get a pregnancy test just to be sure and if I still feel like shit tomorrow I am going to the docs. This just blows choad and I want my mommy!! sniffle

Started taking any new medicines lately? I had a new birth control pill give me horrible acid reflux once.

Nope I’ve been on my Alesse for six months. Frankly I think the cheeseburger I had on Sunday night is suspect.

Certainly possible. I’ve had really bad food poisoning, too- the type where at first you’re afraid that you’re going to die, and then you’re afraid you’re not going to die. It’s absolutely no fun at all.

{{The Sausage Creature}}

If you have a recliner, you could try sleeping in it, so you’re sort of sitting up- that might help somewhat with the heartburn.

Thankees for hugs. No recliner, but I expect if I have another prob with the heartburn I am going to pile a bunch of pillows up in bed. Or just stay up and post on the boards under a state of exhaustion, whatever works :slight_smile:

I think you just devised an expression that no-one else in the history of humankind has ever written. :smiley:
IANAD, but I found out I had lactose intolerance via a Fondue Party. Came home at midnight, feeling a bit poorly, but figured I was just a little drunk. Went to bed. Woke up 2 hours later and ran to the bathroom, where I found out the true meaning of Hell. Projectile vomiting and diarrhea is NOT FUN. :dubious:
Anyway, I felt like shit for several days, could barely eat anything. Went to the doctor, was referred to a gastroenterologist who found out that I had little ulcers in my duodenum due to a severe reaction to the large amount of lactose that I consumed in one go at the damned Fondue party. bleah.
So I just stayed away from milk products (except yoghurt) for several months, and that made me feel 100% better. My system needed an extended break from lactose. Now I can eat virtually all milk products except cream, which is fine with me as I hate cream. I get lactose-free milk.
Since you mention a cheeseburger and icecream, this may be the problem. But mention it to your doc, don’t self-diagnose.

Poor sick baby! Come sit on the couch with poor sick Mommy. We can have tea and sympathy. And The Highwayman can make it for us.

Too bad Utah’s in the way.

Sarah, wow, I had no idea lactose intolerance could cause so much damage. That must have been hell!

Hi Mom, I feel a little better now. Stupid Utah, I hates it. I hates it forever.

Go to a doctor.

Now that’s getting a sardonic grin out of me. You see, I did call my doctor yesterday because nearly 3 months after getting a bad case of the flu, I’m still suffering from the odd bit of weakness and soreness or queasiness in my back. Not long after that, I started feeling sick. As the day progressed it got worse. I wound up leaving a dress rehearsal of the opera early because I was so nauseous and, after I got home it got still worse. I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow morning, but today doesn’t look like fun.

Sausage Creature, you’ve got my sympathies!

A rather besieged,

Well, take a pregnancy test just to be safe. With all the medicines you’re taking, you should be on the safe side. Nausea, hunger, heartburn, stomach cramping, etc. the symptoms are quite similar. You can never be too safe though, do it for your peace of mind.

Food poisoning . . . um doubtful. Only because you think it’s something from over 4 days ago. That cheeseburger has already been digested and is floating in a sewer somewhere. Food poisoning strikes within hours of eating something wrong.

Lactose intolerance is possible, you could be having a severe reaction to it. My DH is lactose intolerant and it usually only makes his ass unbearable to be around for 24 hours.

I do know there is an AWFUL flu bug going around too. Drink plenty of fluids and call your doctor. I really hope you feel better, you sound miserable.

I’m going to piggyback on this, and put the alopecia that reared its ugly head on me again about two and a half weeks ago, deforesting a roughly 2.5" diameter chunk of the right side of my once-full head of hair. The oddly placed bald spot is so big, I can’t comb it over; all I can do is either shave off the remaining hair, or look like a chemotherapy patient for the next few months, while I get shots of hydrocortizone in the scalp and wait for it to grow back.

I’ve got my 20 year high school reunion next month, too. Fuck me with a pointy stick.

God, Elmwood, that blows chunks. You can sit on the couch with us, if you want to.

You, too Siege. I had a case of the queasies for over a month. I had gallbladder surgery on Monday, and food is good again. Back pain can be one of the symptoms. Hope things get better for you.

Awww, Siege and elmwood. There’s plenty o space on the couch, and since I’m feeling better today I’ll even make the tea. In other news, the test turned up negative although I will take another next week to be sure. I still feel a little icky but not like I want to curl up and die.

Could be acid reflux due to a hiatal hernia. That’s what I got and yours sounds perilously close to it.