I Pit damuriajashi and DemonTree


The repeated deliberate misrepresentation of what other posters have said, characterization of openly offensive views as differences of opinion and claiming minority status after a long posting history of… differing opinions… suggests that the “golly gosh, I’ve just trying to have a frank exchange of views” approach owes more to sealioning than efforts to debate in good faith.


That’s presumably the “best comparison” if one wants to avoid better ones.

And not at all unpopular in these quarters.

Still waiting for DS to clarify what she meant by posting this bizarre anti-Semitic trope.

Couldn’t find one of DemonTree’s posts in that thread. You may have confused her for Dark_Sponge, who isn’t a subject of this Pitting.

OMG, you’re right! Sorry, DemonTree!

However, do note that the original purpose of this thread (and its title) was to go after disingenuous bigoted posters. If you think Dark_Sponge fits, have at it.

Oh that’s beyond precious

And then she doubled-down. Poor widdle persecuted bigot.

I am looking forward to her defense of allowing people who don’t think the Holocaust was so bad to express their “differing opinions” here without them suffering “bullying” in the Pit for them.

We could find someone to attack her for her positions on trans-women . . . oh wait, that why she’s complaining about the Pit in the first place.

First they came for the holocaust deniers, and I wasn’t a holocaust denier so I didn’t speak up.

Then they came for the racists. And I’m not a racist, but…

She’s still Karening away…

Apparently, when we Pit her we’re like the 1% or something. Or the Illuminati or ZOG, who knows what she’s on about with that “very rich” non sequitur.

That disingenuous little troll needs to seriously fuck off and go away. I really don’t need get her desperate need for our validation. It’s pathetic.

If she wants to talk to people that don’t “vehemently oppose” her, she should go to Breitbart or some other conservative message board.

She will soon discover that they are all cesspools filled with rage drunk hate-filled morons. But instead of complaining that the only people smart enough to be worth talking to are liberals that disagree with everything she believes, she might want to take a self-reflective minute and think about why that is.

I’m all in for intelligent opposing viewpoints, that’s why I read the National Review. But when idiots like @octopus @Sam_Stone and @DemonTree think that they are providing anything that approaches an intelligent opposing viewpoint…….that’s just the arrogance of abject stupidity. They’re nothing more than the comment section of Fox News made incarnate.

Aren’t you the doof who equates group competence and intellect with disposable income? That’s not really the idea that someone with more than a 2 digit IQ would and more importantly should advocate. To accommodate your different ableness I typed this extra slow.

octopus said: “To accommodate your different ableness I typed this extra slow.”

See, I get that you were going for a clever zinger here, but really - speaking of an “idea that someone with more than a 2 digit IQ” should avoid - you might want to abstain from the implication that the speed with which a post is read is dependent upon the speed with which it was composed. Because that’s kind of dumb…

… you fucking doof.

I can’t believe this needs saying but… that’s kind of the point of the comment. It is a joke (and a rather old one at that, but a valid joke nonetheless)
Unless you are going for a meta-whoosh? In which case, well done.