I Pit damuriajashi and DemonTree

Nah, I wasn’t really going for a meta-whoosh or anything like that. You gotta have a fair degree of either cleverness or popularity to pull off a move like that, neither of which I - a lurker of middling wit - possess.

I’m just tired of reading this tedious dickbag’s constant whining, and I wasn’t given to presume that he was going for a non-literal reading of his post, given that he (either sincerely or disingenuously, both unpalatable alternatives) claims to be unable to distinguish between an individual or gestalt consciousness in his interactions here. Hence my (admittedly pointless) objection to his jokey dribblings.

TLDR: Fuck this knee-jerk contrarian, would-be edgelord, sack of shit.

Oh the irony… You got the middling wit right at least.

Possibly. The U.S. and Canada celebrate labor day on the first Monday in September (yesterday) instead of May 1.


What’s “the irony”, you gibbering dipshit? No, really - where is the irony in either my straight-forward avowal of contempt for you or your eleven-word reply?

Actually yes. A couple of rather lovely weeks away ta very much.

I had to look up the word “picayune”, never seen that before, but yep, it defintely fits however it is also on such petty points that the internet turns.

At least you acknowledge your level of wit. octopus studied to become a wit but quit halfway.

Methinks you are too kind.

I didn’t quit. It’s just a long journey.

What’s a wit but? Is that what an octopus poops ink out of?

Begins with a single step, octopus. Take it!