I Pit Darren Garrison

I mean, really. Just absolutely disgusting. If you’re not trolling the fact that people like you exist make my skin crawl.

Facts are pesky little things.

If Arbury didn’t want people to confront him, he should have stayed the hell out of other people’s houses.

Oh, fuck off. Little shits like you are pesky little things.

It’s not the facts that are being disputed here so much as your loathsome defense of murderers, who in fact had no right to murder someone based on his possible behavior on a construction site.

Kill yourself.

black man captured on video
black man captured on video
black man captured on video
black man captured on video
Ahmaud Arbery is captured on video

:notes: One of these things is not like the others
One of these things doesn’t belong
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time we finish our song? :notes:

You can call it “a construction site” all you want, but it was someone’s property and someone’s future home, it was posted to be no trespassing, the owner was actively trying to identify and stop trespassers, and Arbery had absolutely no damn business whatsoever being there. And they weren’t attempting to kill him and only shot after he tried to get a gun, which could have been used on them.

Facts are pesky little things.

I’ve poked around someone’s house under construction before. Is it appropriate to shoot and kill me?

Do you have a brown paper bag handy?

Again with the false narrative. They didn’t shoot him because he was trespassing, they shot him because he tried to arm himself.

And if the site had been posted “no trespassing”, you should have got a misdemeanor arrest.

When someone says “stay the hell off my property”, they have the right to say it, and they mean it.

Which was because they were chasing and attacking him? If someone tried to run me down I’d probably try to arm myself too. I don’t think they’d run me down though, I wonder why?

Consider also, he wasn’t armed, they were, and it’s his fault because he was trying to level the playing field?

Do you have on scintilla of evidence that they wouldn’t have treated a white trespassing outsider that they recognized the same way?

@Darren_Garrison: the argument you appear to be making is that is that, because Arbery is black, it was okay to assume he was the same black person who trespassed before. That’s the racism.

Sure their goal was to hold him, but it seems to be that this goal was because they assumed he was the black man who stole things before, and not simply because he trespassed.

What made your post offensive, however, is that you keep on saying that, if the guy didn’t want to get shot, he shouldn’t have trespassed. Or that he shouldn’t have run away. But shooting someone who is not a threat to you is not ever defensible. You do not shoot someone who is fleeing, period. And, when not on your property, you have the duty to flee.

Sorry, but shooting him is not defensible.

It is his fault because he had to have been 100% aware of why they were after him—he just got caught rifling around in someone else’s house. He should have surrendered and waited for the police to arrest him.

No, you are the one who seems to be saying that all black people look alike. They weren’t after a black man, they were after this black man, who they recognized from past recordings and correctly identified and who was videoed and eyewitnessed in the house immediately before they went after him.

Or for those guys to kill him. How does he know which was going to happen?

He knows he’s wrong. No point in arguing. Just wanted this thread to alert more of the board what a giant piece of shit he is so they can take that into account in the future. If this is fun for you, go ahead, I guess.

What ever happened to realizing someone’s armed and having “a legitimate concern for their lives”?

There was no sign posted stating “no trespassing” on the site Arbery walked onto. None. And it was unsecured. And he was only positively ID’ed in that last video. And he stole nothing and committed no vandalism that anyone has ever been able to determine. There were literally no grounds for even charging Arbery with a misdemeanor and even the defense in the trial have admitted to that. Also captured on video on that construction site was a white couple, a couple of white kids, and four with a light-skinned black guy with ‘wild hair/dreads’ which does not fit the description of dark-skinned Arbery and as far as I know have still not been positively ID’ed as being Arbery (though I might have missed something there). Even if those four were him, again he stole nothing, site was unsecured - no provable crime was ever committed by Georgia statute.

That’s awful thin as probable cause to try and detain someone with a firearm. Awful thin.