I pit DrDeth

I endorse this pitting.

He created a story in his head that Kamala Harris did something anti-gun and when called on it kept making more and more ridiculous claims about it.

It starts here…

At one point I collected many of his false and misleading claims into one post…

Many were just crazy and obviously false.

Some posters are dumbasses on one subject. Some are dumbasses along partisan lines. Rarely do we get someone so arrogantly stupid across so many different fields.

When I’m more self-aware, I’ll respond to his idiocy with “okey dokey!” or “Spiffy!” and move on. He seems to take that as a victory and doesn’t argue any more. But sometimes–like in that D&D thread–I get caught up in discussing with someone less of a dumbshit, and when he enters the conversation, I forget what he’s inevitably gonna do and respond to him like a normal poster.

My bad. I need to remember to okey-dokey his ass and move on.

That’s why I have him on ignore. The board is a better place when I get to pretend he doesn’t exist.

I find this very disturbing. The fact he didn’t believe you must have been upsetting, but this is downright creepy.

I, too, though this thread was going to be about his infuriating stupidity in the Men vs. Women thread. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this in that thread, but the fact he started the title with “Men vs. Women” is a pretty clear indicator of where he was coming from.

Wasn’t he, along with Shodan and a few others, one of the Bright Line Guys who insisted we all tell him precisely what constitutes misogyny on the SDMB or it doesn’t count? I see the same thing in the Men vs. Women thread: he insists that women watching movies where there’s any persistence on the male lead’s part is hypocrisy because after all, didn’t we say no means no? He ignores all other aspects of the relationship between the male and female leads: friendship, misunderstandings, etc. Whether that’s because he’s such an idiot, he only understands bright lines or because he thinks he’s playing an endless game of Gotcha makes no difference.

He’s a carbuncle.

I considered pitting him for both that thread, the DND thread, a recent gun control thread, and the ice age extinction tangent in the mammoth thread, but he really isn’t worth the effort.

I wasn’t aware he was in the mammoth thread. He’s doing the same thing I mentioned he did more than 15 years ago upthread. He always brings up the “Overkill Hypothesis”, an extreme form of the idea that humans contributed to extinctions saying that it took place over centuries. This theory has been dead for almost 20 years, but he always dredges it up to minimize hunting (although he now admits it was a factor) and blame climate change. I’m glad I’m not participating in the thread.

He used to be obsessed about warnings. He didn’t have one for years, but when he finally got one he acted like it was the Scarlet Letter even though it was only visible to himself and the mods. He would constantly whine in ATMB about the fact that warnings never go away, and ask us to take it away. (Even if we had, he would still be able to see that he previously had a warning, which still upset him.) Finally we had to institute a topic ban to prohibit him from bringing it up again in ATMB.

It’s the only occasion for which I actually defended FOX News. I have that black mark on my soul thanks to him.

He must have more topic bans than any other user.

And yet his constant whingeing about closing the Pit continues unabated…

He’s been told to drop that also in more than one thread. Probably will need an instruction to not bring it up anymore in threads about other things.

You know how at the fair, they have “You must be this tall to ride this ride” signs? And it’s not a very tall sign, you can still be really short and ride the ride, but c’mon, you gotta have some height.

I wish we could have a “You must be this smart to use this board” sign. It wouldn’t have to be a tall sign, but c’mon.

Yeah, this is one individual that I determined there’s absolutely no point engaging.

He’s also the guy that has a conniption about bicyclists. He doesn’t support bike lanes because apparently where he lives, cyclists would rather ride on the sidewalk than bike lanes. :roll_eyes:

Even though he claims he doesn’t read it. At least Discourse links this thread to one of his posts so he knows it exists.

I believe he was also barred from the Constantine thread, because almost every single post was about how it glorified smoking. I had since determined that he is one of those blessed individuals who is completely unburdened by doubt.


I’d forgotten about that one. And then in an attempt to handwave that list away he basically threw his entire argument out the window.

Wait - he thought the film in which the main character was dying of lung cancer due to smoking and pointedly quits smoking at the end glorified smoking?

I believe that was in a thread related to the Constantine TV show, not the Keanu Reeves movie.

Yes - the TV show, where it’s mentioned disapprovingly that he smokes, but is never seen actually smoking.

Ah. Well that’s…better?