I pit drive-by posts

This is the newest thing I can’t stand about this board. In threads concerning political matters, I it when people post a one or two sentence, extremely controversial and political statement, often in the form of sarcasm or a joke, and then leave without doing ANYTHING to back up what they said.






My problem with this is that it’s just too easy. I feel like on a board like this people should be held accountable for what they say.

Sez you, ya Communist ya!

“Yes!” said the passing maniac.

Clinton did it first.

Fucko off.

I’ve been accused of this, though it was by an idiot so I tend not to take it seriously. Making a smart-ass comment should definitely not be labelled a “drive-by”, since the latter is meant to leave mayhem in its wake. A good quip inspires chuckling, not anger.

Polonius: herefore, since brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief.

Nice. I hit enter instead of preview. I hate it when that happens.

And now it’s too late for even a wry turn of phrase.

I guess that makes this a U-turn drive-by.


If I squint real hard and hold my breath, I can almost see the slightest hint of a shadow of an outline how drive-bys can get irritating.

If, however, you’ve actually puckered up enough juice off of this to start a pit thread about it, you should seriously consider the possibility that you are taking this message board a bit too seriously. Step away from the computer. Open the door and walk outside. That bright thing is the sun.

Not here, it isn’t. It’s raining.

You’re just mad becasue you don’t have an answer.

Not only are drive by posts irritating, they’re also very dangerous. Studies have shown that people posting to the straight dope while driving are 72% more likely to be involved in a car accident than people that are posting at home.

It’s also highly ridiculous. Driving slowly past someones house so they can see you composing a post to a message board. It’s not very intimidating.

You know, I suspect our friend vinnie is more pissed off by folks expressing anti conservative ideas than “drive bye” posts. He just hasn’t got the balls to pit libruls in general. I say either add some conservative drive by posts that bother you, or admit your a conservative tool. ( note to my esteemed conservative colleagues, I do distinguish between honest respectable conservatives, and conservative tools)


Those posts don’t make your case very well out of context.

Opinions do not need backup, and not all factual information can be backed up with a cite.

Some posters will ask for a cite, then refute everything that cite had to say. I’d rather not waste my time looking for references that some asshole is going to piss on anyways. If they don’t believe me, fuck 'em, that’s not my problem.

Sometimes I’ll make a post, then become disinterested in the thread, and not return. I call it letting go, everyone should try it at least once.

You can hold yourself to whatever standard you’d like, just don’t expect others to follow tose standards unless they’re part of the forum rules.

It’s actually a venerable tradition.

We will look to you for the new, improved drive-by-drive-by refutation.

It’s all the Christians’ fault.

Pink, only between Memorial day and Labor day; oh, and Vinnie’s got mud in his tires.


The drive-by posters don’t bug me so much as the drive-by OPs. You started this thread; you get your ass back in here and participate in it (generic you, that is, although if you don’t come back to this thread, vinnie, then it will be the specific you, too.)