I pit Ethos water (Starbucks)

And not to lose track of the original post, someone paid a price they were willing to pay for a product, and then were outraged that the sellers were only donating a nickel to provide clean water to thirsty kids. What the fuck is that to you? Did you take money out of your water for thirsty children fund to pay for the Starbucks water? Hell, it’s a nickel more than the thirsty kids would have gotten otherwise. I don’t pay for bottled water, because where I live I have pipes full of the stuff, but if I did, I’d be pleased that a nickel a bottle went to thirsty children.

Starbucks sells water and uses at least part of the proceeds to benefit others, but they get blamed for it, even though I can’t think of anyone else that donates even five cents. Starbucks is bashed for being selfish though they pay MORE than market value for their coffee beans, build schools and hospitals in the communities they buy beans from, and make sure to invest top dollar in the environment of those the communities. It just goes to show people will find ANY reason to complain about Starbucks. Any reason will do.

Y’know, you could also have asked for a water. “I’d like a large ice water please.” Works for me. It comes from the little filtered water spout at the bar. It tastes dandy and is free.

Unless she specifically asked for a bottle of water and would go all libarian poo on you if you came back with a cup full of water and a straw instead of a bottle, in which case I got nothing.

You don’t pay $3.50 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you pay a buck and change like anywhere else.

You pay $3.50 for coffee-flavored hot milkshakes. You can’t compare buying one of those to buying drip coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

The actual amount of ignorance that I see on this board about Starbucks coffee is ridiculous.

For the last fucking time, you can go in to Starbucks and buy normal coffee there. It is not four dollars a cup.

Yeah, I get tired of people guffawing about $4 cups of coffee at Starbucks. You can get a Venti for $2 and it’s twice as strong and better tasting than the boot runoff you get at the 7-11.

You can harsh on yupsters getting $5 coffee-flavored milkshakes all you want, but you can get a regular cup of coffee at Starbucks and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Plus, even with all that wild-eyed “Starbucks is eeeevil!” stuff, they are 15,000 times better corporate citizens than all those places that charge you, oh 20 cents less but give you Folger’s, if that.

Stupid meme.

Okay, I’ll retract my statement about people being idiots for buying $3.50 cups of coffee. I think $1.50 is still too much for coffee but I can understand paying for the convenience. It baffles me that people think Starbucks coffee is good, since I think it tastes burnt and bitter,* but whatever bloats your foat.

*I like strong coffee. There’s a difference between “strong” and “god, what IS this piss?”

Yeah, I can’t figure this out either.

I think the starbucks episode of South Park should be required viewing (it’s the underpants gnomes episode). Key main idea: Starbucks got to be the big corporation they are because their coffee actually tastes good. I have been to ONE coffee place that has coffee both better AND cheaper than Starbucks (and I patronized the hell out of 'em when I lived across the street).

Hell, I’m glad a nickel went to the cause also. If it was just a plainly labeled bottle of water with a small blurb on the back saying they give 2.5% of the profits to charity all would be well and good.
But they broadcast their supposed mission in such a bold way naming their product ETHOS (in an ethical or moral way), putting the tag line “Helping Children Get Clean Water” on the face of the bottle, and having a graphic of a world map, that it’s in your face “We’re going to save the planet cause we’re so generous” comes off as a bit cheap when you find out it’s such a measley % of their profits.

No. We think we’re expressing our dislike of Starbucks. What’s it to you if we don’t like it?

Its actually less then a buck if you bring your own mug.

Because your stated reason for not liking it is shown to be false.

A fly-by-night car dealer could donate a dollar for every under-coating sold. A gimmick is still a gimmick, even if some third world kid gets some residual benefit.

That’s not the point, though. The OP said that the gimmick actually made them angry, which doesn’t seem reasonable at all to me.

Funny story, I was in Starbucks a couple of weeks back. Went to the john, and there was another little Starbucks in there. They really are cropping up everywhere…

I’ve never heard of ETHOS. I followed the link in the OP and 10 seconds later I knew exactly how much they contribute. Five cents a bottle in the U.S. It’s not like they are secretive about it. I don’t see anything to get angry about.

I did not state a reason for not liking it.

Meh, the worst thing about Starbucks is that they over roast most of their beans and the coffee tastes like burnt shit unless you pay them to fill it up with whipped cream and syrup and stuff to cover up the fact that they really sell an inferior cup of coffee when you drink it black as I do.

Know who has the tastiest cup of coffee I know of? White Castle. I don’t know what they’re doing over there, but if you can handle the smell of frying onions at 6:00am you can get the tastiest cup known.

So you wouldn’t have a problem if I went door to door broadcasting that I’m on a mission to cure diabetes. To do so I am selling $1 boxes of stationary for $5. For every box I sell I’m giving 10 cents to the diabetes charity. The other $3.90 I’m keeping for myself.
Doesn’t that sound a bit unethical even if I tell you how it works?