I pit jtur88

Yes it is.

Pulling crap out of his ass, as usual.

I said it once and I’ll say it again: Shodan is an outright troll, and is only saved from banning because he’s one of the board’s few Republicans who isn’t stupid or insane enough to make keeping them outright impossible.

As long as he can keep the thin veneer of reasonableness over his actions, he’ll stay, no matter how obnoxious he is or how hateful his bigotry.


When and where did he go to law school?

Why, he went to every law school in the U.S. Twice. He holds law degrees from 700 law schools throughout the globe. He amassed so much wealth from his legal career and his talent for frugality in eating from dumpsters he was able to retire to a life of luxury in the Philippines, where he shares a tar paper shack with his wife’s extended family of 36, along with numerous dogs, goats and chickens.

He also transcribed the entire ALR 3rd American Law Report Cases and Annotations set of 100 volumes in Braille. You know, just because he could.

Well, you can’t spell Liberal without Braille.

Connect the dots, people.

I heard he dated Morgan Fairchild. Whom he slept with.

Oooh! Retro! I like it

OP is about coincidences. Food is left out overnight. OP decides to eat it anyway, since it was a cold night, but accidentaly knocks it on the floor and decides it was a sign from the universe. Asks about other fun coincidences that seem sign-like.

jerkface88 comes in with the first reply only to say people who worry about food safety are dumb.

JTurd is really ramping it up lately. If only we weren’t so politically correct, we’d be able to torture and kill people for “science,” you know, like Mengele or Unit 731. But alas, our PC culture is against murder and vivisection.

Maybe that shit had ergot on it.

Neat trick for someone supposedly barely able to see!

Jtur88 is sooper sad that he can’t catcall women in this day and age.

How dare these modern women not understand that he, a MAN, is just trying to give them a compliment! And then he doubles down with this lovely comment:

Hopefully people start reporting his posts more often in threads like that. Then he’ll either stop shitting in threads or be suspended.

Flag those posts, let the mods know. They’re not ignoring his shit, they just need to have it brought to their attention.

Let’s save time and assume everything the ass posts is a lie.

How would he differ from aceplace57?

acey is somewhat open to being corrected whereas jturkey simply doubles down or makes excuses for being wrong.

From somewhere upthread:

That’s got to be the most – perhaps only – honest thing jturkey has ever said on the Dope.

Words fail me.