I pit lazy ass delivery people

If I pay a $59 delivery charge on a recliner, do you think maybe you could set it up and make sure it works before you run out the door? The fucking chair does not recline. Yes, I checked underneath and it’s not tied down (what if I was unable to turn the chair over myself? tough luck for the weak and aged). Now, customer service says someone will come back in 2 days. Great, I love waiting around during that 4 hour window of time that they give you. The fucking chair does not recline. Period. I want my delivery charge refunded, and I want a new chair, one that works. This may not be the most pit-worthy rant ever, but I am pissed at the Dumb and Dumber twins who “delivered” my furniture. What a fucking racket. The store is 10 minutes away, and they spent 2 minutes carrying it into the house.
FUCK me.

Do you pit lazy people who deliver asses? Or is it people who deliver lazy asses?

I hope your chair thing works out ok.

Thank you for the kind offer, but I’m not prepared to fuck you at this time.

Maybe he meant to say “I pit La-Z-BOY delivery people.”

Did you pay for ‘delivery’ or did you pay for ‘whiteglove delivery’?

So they just handed you your ass and left?
:: d&r ::

WTF? You get ass delivery people to deliver a chair? I can barely get the pizza delivery guy to deliver a hot pizza.

I Pit lazy motherfuckers who decide to have something delivered and then bitch about their product being delivered. Now, maybe they should have tested out your chair, but that’s kind of your job-I wouldn’t necessarily want some dirty, sweaty delivery person reclining in my chair, and I doubt you would either.

Pit the company for not coming back immediately, but delivery people DELIVER, they don’t troubleshoot or repair.


If they had tested the chair by taking a three-hour nap in it before leaving your house, would that have made them more or less lazy?

I never sign for the delivery until I am satisfied that the merchandise is both undamaged and in working order. The guys that delivered my reclining couch got quite frustrated with me. Tough.

FEDEX takes the cake. Today, I got a delivery attempt notice from them- at 11:30AM. Time on the notice was 12NN, and it said "2nd notice’ when it was the 1st, and the driver made the # not legible enough- which really fucks things over if you try and call FEDEX, as they are set up to look up that # and ONLY that number. :mad:

Oh, and when you call the 1-800#, it puts you through a phone tree- of which exactly 0 options of 10 are “delivery problems” or talk to a “live person”. :rolleyes:

Oh, I don’t know about that. When I got my new dryer, the delivery guys not only delivered it, they hooked it up and made sure it worked properly before they left. And they even took our old, broken dryer, though we did have that unhooked and waiting for them when they arrived.

With a recliner, someone should have made sure it reclined before it even got on the truck.

If you got this from Rooms 2 Go, then I can very confidentally say they are never coming back. No one will return to fix your chair, EVER! You are simply screwed!!

My Mom bought an entertainment center from RTG and it was delivered with a piece of glass in a door that was cracked. It was reported by the delivery persons and in three days she received a complete new door via UPS. She called the store to report it’s arrival and the repair person showed up the next day to install it.

He also touched up a few spots in the finish.

Excellant service! This was in Broward County Florida if it makes any difference.

As always, YMMV.

I remember getting my sleeper sofa delivered from IKEA four years ago. They didn’t even take the foam wrapping off it when they delivered it. I had to roll the thing over and remove the foam.