I pit lousy food at holiday dinners (Moved from the Pit)

Green bean casserole, which I usually like, only spiced up by being topped with stove top stuffing mix. Which I’m sure stuffing eaters would adore, but, as I don’t care for stuffing, not so much me.

She didn’t say until it was on my plate, she was sitting right across from me, I had to eat it. Yuck!

The canned cranberries were my fault this year - I had some kind of brain cramp that prevented me from going to buy the fresh cranberries until the day before Christmas (oops). We don’t do the sweet potatoes for fancy dinners in my family, but sometimes an ambrosia-type or jello salad will show up on the dinner table - I don’t get eating a dessert with my meal either (and frankly, those things are just weird).

My brother is a really good cook and most of the holiday spread was wonderful. But one sister brought “appetizers” - cubes of liverwurst and velveeta in bowls with crackers on the side. I didn’t see anyone eating any of them. <shudder> I preferred the shrimp and the crab dip on pita chips.

I think I’m still digesting the meal - mercy, I stuffed myself!

With a shit attitude like that, your lucky anyone is nice enough to invite you to their house for dinner.

No doubt comprising choice, freshly airlifted Alaskan king crab and fine Madagascan prawns, in Velveeta of course.

Liverwurst is the exact opposite of “appetizer”. It’s just nasty. If you’re going to offer a liver-based nosh, then make or buy chopped liver. Otherwise, don’t do it.

Dude, lighten up. There’s nothing wrong with bitching about a bad meal after the fact. Otherwise, the SDMB wouldn’t be overflowing with threads about bad restaurants and advice on how to cook.

Oh, my step-mom put hers in a crock pot with garlic and bacon and other yummy crunchies. It was delicious. She is a fabulous cook. The turkey and ham were wonderful, the mashed potatoes whipped with plenty of butter and sour cream, and the stuffing had almonds and cranberries.

I’m still stuffed.

Ahh, go easy on him. He didn’t get the stack of pre-printed parking tickets he asked for in his stocking, and he’s feeling a bit pissy…
ETA: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well for the first time, my eldest daughter (who gave birth to her first child earlier this year) relieved my wife of having to cook the Christmas dinner by hosting at her place for both our family and the in laws.

The turkey was over cooked, the mashed potatoes might as well have been instant, the cranberry sauce held its canned shape and the brussel sprouts had no crunch left at all.

We had a wonderful time and I thanked the hostess for a wonderful meal.

Exactly - I’ve had fantastic Christmas dinners, and I’ve had less successful ones, but as the one who does all the cooking in our house, I appreciated every one.

As for the OP bitching, I’m guessing he’s saying it here because he didn’t say it to his hosts. It still surprises me how many people don’t seem to get that.

There’s a difference between someone who is inexperienced and someone who should know better. Since this was The Flying Dutchman’s daughter’s first Christmas dinner, I’d also be inclined to be a little more forgiving. Someone who has been doing it for years, and who still can’t get it right, either can’t cook, or they’ve been lied to to the point where they don’t know that their food is lousy, and therefore has no motivation to improve.

This year’s Christmas dinner was a delight. My husband’s aunt bought some of the side dishes and ham from the local foodie supermarket and made one or two of her signature sides and the turkey herself. It may not be the most memorable meal, but it won’t be memorable for the wrong reasons.

On my Dad’s side of the family, you have to serve this, along with the fake mashed potatoes. You can serve the real stuff, too, but you have to have the fake stuff, as that’s what Grandma used.

My mom’s side is much better–if it doesn’t taste good one year, it doesn’t show up again. We’ve done it enough times that it always tastes good.

Oh, and we did get one victory on Dad’s side: we get to bring the good dressing that doesn’t taste like it comes out of the box.

Liverwurst is delicious. Odd as an appetizer, but tasty nonetheless.

I had a rum ball for the first time. Is it supposed to taste like it’s marinated in rubbing alcohol?
My brother held down my sister and I forced her to eat the remainder (she agrees that it tasted quite horrible.) :slight_smile:

That’s the way it’s supposed to be. It’s just not cranberry jelly if it doesn’t have that canned shape to it. I’ve had that fresh cranberry relish several times, and I think it’s way too tart.

I probably would have sneakily removed a great deal of the liverwurst into my purse, if nobody was eating it, because I’m sure that my cats would enjoy it. No sense in it going to waste!

The difference here is that you don’t get invited to a restaurant–you pay money for a meal and service and atmosphere, and therefore as a paying customer it’s ok to bitch if the meal sucks.

But to sit here and whine and cry like a spoiled child about all these horrible people that were so evil that they opened their home to you, and made the godawful mistake of not being as brilliant a cook as YOU, and then bitch about it is kind of low class.

I’ve had bad meals at other peoples houses. But my appreciation of their hospitality and effort outweighed their substandard culinary skills every time.

We had beef tenderloin roasted to perfection, twice baked potatoes, delicious whiskey carrots, sherried tomato soup with cheese muffins, um, I forget what else. I made it all and it was delicious.

It was ruined by having to sit across the table from people I loathe and despise. I’d rather have had nasty dry turkey and gravy out of an envelope with people I love.

So, you’re upset because you’re suddenly realizing why no one comes over for the holidays anymore, right?

No, I picked up the tray, shoved it into their faces, and screamed, “Take your sawdust masquerading as food you culinary monster!” Then I kicked over the table and set fire to their kitchen.

Seriously I don’t know what’s wrong with St. Anger. There’s some serious cognitive dissonance going on there that’s not even worth replying to.

No, Smart Ass, nice try, but you lose.

My MIL insists on having us over her house for the holidays, and you know what? I really, really appreciate the effort she puts in.

As for not hosting dinners at my house, it is specifically because of assholes like the OP coming over and judging our cooking, judging our houses cleanliness, our decorations, blah blah blah.

It’s because of asswipes like the OP that I rarely invite guests in, because no matter how good the meal, no matter how clean I keep my house, there will always be jerkoffs like that who still find something to complain about and talk to others about behind my back.

Your not invited, either, BTW.