I Pit Martin Hyde

One time more than whatever the arbitrary threshold is for Banquet_Bear to not get angry, and not a post less…

Maybe he likes a challenge? Look, I don’t know. Ask him. But don’t pretend that the very words he wrote here prove that his only intent is sheep slapping. That’s just not what he wrote.

No, he’s also here for the bear fucking hunting…

As I understand, Banquet_Bear is permitted to be angry from the beginning - zero posts are required. So for Martin, it’s after one post? Just trying to follow along at home here.

Not according to the mods, he’s not. Not about this. So if he just has to take whatever minimizing of indigenous genocide people decide to post, M H can put on his bigboy pants and take one post more.

And one post more than “all the posts” is …infinity plus one.

There’s a thread in MPSIMS which has become serviceable for the topic yet he chose to participate in the Pit instead. That speaks volumes to intent.

If you’ve got a complaint about the board’s moderation, the proper forum is ATMB, not the Pit. Take it up over there, not here.

No warning issued.

That’s convenient. I’ll keep in mind that anyone posting in a pit thread, on any topic, where there’s a thread in another forum that they could post in - or where a thread could be opened in another forum for them to post in - is fair game to arbitrarily assign whatever motive to that I want.

Now you’re just being disingenuous. His third post on the subject – in the thread pitting DrDeth – is pure ad hominem.

No, your point was silly, and I was exaggerating to illustrate that.

First, I doubt that post would warrant even a mod note most of the time, regardless of forum. If a mod were in a bad mood, sure, maybe a ‘dial it back,’ but most of the time, nah. And I’m not sure what that would prove even if it were a more egregious example. His first two posts were totally clean (no comment on their accuracy, though.) Looks more like he came in for a debate, and got slightly irritated by Lance_Turbo’s “peace - see you later”, and left a milquetoast reply that you characterized as “pure ad hominem.”

I’m not here to make friends. I’m not going to stand back and say nothing when liars lie about me, it’s just that simple.

So which is it? Bleating sheep? Or wagons and pitchforks? Do you even know what sheep are like?

You are fucking nailing it bro!

This thread is fucking ridiculous.

Wait for it, “toxic wokeness.” Coming to a Fox News segment near you

Certianly an affront to the great Slight Slappers.

crank this shit.

Appranty the answer to that question is zero, as he was screaming profanities and flailing his arms with bulging eyeballs before anyone did so.

Why, and when did the thread title get changed???

New rule:

I’ve got absolutely no problem with the title change, or the rule itself.

I don’t either, but I’m not sure ‘Sheep Slapper’ is really an insult - especially since it’s a reference to his own words describing himself.