I pit MiguelDetonacciones for thinking we're as stupid as he is

I’ve never explored the Time Cube, but TD, who’s last name translates roughly to ''The 'Splosion" for some reason thinks the SDMB is fertile ground to gain converts for his particular brand of pseudo-intellectual tripe as displayed in this thread - The F.E.D. Psychohistorical Equations - and this closed zombie thread - Hari Seldon’s “Psychohistory”-is It Feasible?

He continually answers any legitimate question with more gibberish. His posts are nothing but a closed mobius loop of utter nonsense and when pressed has no recourse but to spout dicta from some obscure website known as dialectics.org - clearly the refuge of other crackpots like himself.

Let’s all join hands in giving an SDMB pit “welcoming” to der 'splosion. AHAHAHAHA!!! :smiley:

I don’t think there are any other crackpots-they are all imaginary constructs.

contra-Boolean anti-non-duality constructs I think you meant to say. :mad:

Eh, I suspect he’s not so much stupid as schizophrenic and off his meds. More pity then pit worthy, IMHO.

I don’t think so. A schizophrenic when confronted with the unreality of their believes doesn’t try to obfuscate.

Those wishing to expose themselves to other extraordinary perceptions are referred to crank.net. Unfortunately the webmaster doesn’t maintain it as often as he used to: Mr Detonacciones and his sources are not as yet listed there.

OOh, yes! Crank.net! I used to haunt that place gleefully! But, as you note, it’s fallen terribly out of updating.

For my part, I just stole the name “Dyosphainthos” for the name of a five-star hotel in a novel I’m currently trying to write. How’s that for a subtle bit of revenge?

I think that’s suppose to be a supposedly “sly” reference to Diophantine equations. Too bad the boy is such a failure.

Moderators Please Note: The quoted poster is again making the same racist slur against Hispanics’ supposed pronunciations, as he did in the earlier, closed, thread, where this same poster also posted a link to specimens of the grossest kind of pornography [post # 78].

It’s certainly not racist to make fun of people’s accents. I’m half Italian so I should know. Maybe you’d prefer e’splosion?

edit: anyway, if that’s all you have to say in your defense, then as I said in my previous post - FAILURE!!!

Ugh, it’s not even smart enough to figure out the post reporting functionality.

Or the fact that when I said “closed mobius loop” that was redundant. Hehehe - gotcha. :stuck_out_tongue:

What slur? And you can’t even write properly, dude :stuck_out_tongue: it’s detonaciones.

… Click.




:dubious: I am VERY disappointed. That’s a couple of minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

I’d cut the guy some slack. Sure, he’s completely off his rocker and really quite dumb, but at least he’s not using his stupidity to stump for racism.

Hispanics say 'splosion like this

I took his contra Boolean equations, implemented them in R, and ran them over night on the 10,000 processors we have available.

This morning, when I opened the results, a 3d image of the real Hari Seldon (not the Doper version) popped up in my office.
He stood in his robes in the middle of my floor and intoned - “The answer is obvious - MiguelDetonacciones is a clueless moron.”

So it must work.

Many popular scientists complain about getting deluged by crackpot letters - and responding with a refutation just makes it worse. I think we now see what they are talking about.

Ah, the Curse of the Internet.

There was a time when cranks like this would be limited to writing letters to public figures in a variety of different inks or chasing them down on the streets to shout at them.

What’s not to believe about a secret society of monks that invent a new algebra all on their own picking a total stranger as their spokesperson, and having said spokesperson reveal this new algebra in blogs and message board threads about Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series instead of peer-reviewed journals? It all makes as much sense as someone taking the monastic name"“Aoristos Dyosphainthos”.

Well, monks do often publish independently. :wink: