I pit my day (lame rant, but who cares)

It’s just been a pisser of a day, y’know? It’s not been any one major thing. It’s kind of like falling on your butt onto an ant hill. One ant bite may not hurt too badly, but when you’ve got 50 ants nipping your tender flesh, it starts to get painful.

I’ve been working all day on material for a presentation board for our exhibit at the Family Preservation Institute conference in San Antonio next week. My laser printer is refusing to print landscape from Power Point. My color printer will print in landscape, but is making me clean the print heads every time I need to print another batch of material. I’m making stupid-ass typos, accidentally typed our office e-mail address as the website address, had to change the font size and had to manipulate everything to make it be bigger, yadda yadda yadda.

I’ve got a headache, too, the kind where my head feels like it’s made out of glass and at any moment will fall off of my shoulders and smash on the floor. And even though my head’s made out of glass, my brain is like a bouncy rubber ball banging from one side of my cranium to the other one, causing acute pain every time it does so.

And I’m trying to type up an exam that has to be typed because the database is all screwy right now, and the stupid so-called adjustable tray that holds my keyboard either goes up too high or falls down each time I think I’ve gotten it set at just the right level. And as soon as I do get it set at just the right level, my phone rings and I have to shove the keyboard back under my desk so that I can get at my telephone without sending my keyboard through my spleen.

And my clip-art CD-ROM fell off the desk and the holder busted when I shoved the keyboard under my desk and grabbed for my phone.

whimper whimper whine whine

I can’t wait to go home

And my husband called wanting to talk about the Frances. We’ve got relatives in Florida who barely escaped Charlie and have boarded their house and are engaged in the waiting game. I can’t do anything about it except pray (and I do, believe me), but when I get home, he’s going to have the weather channel on and will come into the bedroom every five minutes to give me another update.

And a stupid bitchy woman I work with just came in and got all huffy because I don’t have time to drop everything and take care of her problems right now. It is really annoying because I have to give her copies of a particular form every time I do a travel reimbursement voucher. And I do. But every month she comes and parades her bossy ass in my office and telling me about all the problems she’s having because I didn’t give her every damned copy. She’s full of shit. I give them to her, and she loses them and acts like I didn’t do it. I told her I could either get with her on Tuesday morning about travel (since I’ll be out of town the remainder of the week); she didn’t want to do that because it’s inconvenient for her. Then I said she could send me an e-mail about what’s missing. But she doesn’t want to do that either, because it might actually save EVERYONE a little time.

Sorry. My mood is getting more vile by the second. Fuck!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Sorry N.Sane. I feel your pain. On the plus side, you’re one half hour from a three day weekend.

I think obnoxious co-workers in particular are worthy of being pitted. It’s easy to say don’t let 'em get to you, but don’t let 'em get to you anyway. Who needs the petty??

And prayers to the fam. Hope they manage to escape Frances also.

There’s another France out there now? :eek: We don’t have enough trouble with one nation fulla Frenchmen; they had to start another one?

Miss Litella

And who are these people gonna like? Huh? Jerry Lewis is taken. What possible poseur are they going to think is the greatest thing since sliced bread? And accents? Now we have to listen to two countries full of jerks with pencil mustaches making snide comments about our food in oh-so-cool accents? And another thing

Miss Litella! Miss Litella!


Frances. The hurricane. Frances


Well, that’s quite different.

Never mind.