I pit scum that like useing 2 eights(psst your code has been compromised)

(intentionally misspelled that username, because I wanted to avoid writing, even in code, any thing close to Heil Hitl… the use of two eight’s is a clear reference to the eighth letter of the English alphabet.)

I have difficulty with claims by persons who disavow NAZI BELIEFS yet decide to use two eights in their username.

But I have some questions for fascist pricks who oppose everything that America stands for.

Mill2x8, you claim to be a white separatist not a NAZI scumbag, then why the use of the double eight? Pleas don’t say it was the number on your jersey in high school, we have all heard that one.

You also claim that you “do not have a problem” with interracial marriage, my question is where the hell are they going to live in your so-called white homeland. Which I will add will not come about while I live. This country was bought and paid for (and stolen) by the blood of my fathers and mothers, I am not willing to give you and your ilk one single solitary goddamned inch of it. I doubt any other country is willing to give you any of their territory either.

In light of this, and the fact that you CLAIM to believe in peaceful transition, how can you possibly think it is possible? I know at least one person you must kill before you establish your homeland.

Furthermore, how anyone could read your claim that you will not spread your hatred to you children until they reach eighteen, is beyond belief. To me it indicates somebody trying to sugar coat a shit pill.


Link, please?

Chill out, askeptic. Granted, there’s some ignorant scumbags around here, but ‘88’ means more than one thing: http://www.google.com/search?q=88&sourceid=mozilla-search&start=0&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

jackelope: I was not sure if links to GD are allowed.

Gorillaman: I know it can mean more than one thing, but it is pretty clear what it means when the person useing it also spews NAZI bullshit. If he only talked about the fragrent flowers in his garden I would not make an issue of the use of two eights.

Though I loathe his views, he’s civil and he writes clearly. It’s interesting to see what he has to say and he seems willing to listen . And knock off the Nazi shit–he’s made it clear that he doesn’t support a “final solution” (I think he’s dreaming if he thinks his goals can be achieved without one though) and he claims that he doesn’t believe that one race is superior to another–he ain’t a Nazi. I’m sick of people who water down the horror that should be implicit in the term “Nazi” to simply mean “bigot” or “jerk” or “someone I disagree with”.


So you are suggesting that it is merely coincedence that he chose a screen name with 88 and has done nothing but spout racial hatred? If that is the case, you are right, but I doubt it. I do not suggest that everyone should have to explain there names, but when such an obvious connection is apparent, it seems that an explanaition is in order.

Askeptic, do you still consider the guuy in question to be a Nazi? If so, there’s no point arguing further…if not, then the connection you suggest is not so clear cut…

He had an explanation- he claimed it was his college football jersey number. I choose to take him at his word. He certainly hasn’t been spouting racial hatred- his opinions may be misguided but there is no premise of violence or superiority implicit in them. Chill the fuck out and use this opportunity to learn more about these people and what makes them think they way they do (or don’t).

While I agree that it is not appropriate to water down the horror that the term NAZI disserves, I am claiming that despite all his sugar coating, he is not in fact willing to listen. I believe he is a wolf in sheeps clothing (a nasty disgusting sheep)and that he is in fact a NAZI. If I am wrong I will accept my bannishment or any lesser penalty. If it walks like a duck…

PS I could understand you saying “Knock off the NAZI shit” had I posted this in the GD forum. But apparently people can call others mother fucking scumbag asshole’s here. Is the suggestion, not accusation, that a person is spouting NAZI beliefs, any worse?

askeptic, you do realize that Millen88 has been posting to a thread that specifically requested the views of White Nationaists, right?

Your stance against Nazism is brave and noble and all that, but it seems pretty bad form to Pit someone for simply answering questions that were put to him by othere posters.

Good point - I hadn’t even realised this was in the Pit. (You shit-for-brains cunt-nosed spunk-livered dog-breathed bastard :smiley: )

What team, what school, what year, show me the fuckin picture. Besides, are you a fucking moderator? If not, who are you to tell me to chill the fuck out?

I believe in tolerance and debate, but having lived in the real world, I have learned that their is a limit. I do not presume to know exactly where that limit is. But I think Hitler and his asshole henchmen pretty well proved that “Price of liberty is eternal vigilance” . Be vigilant.

I like your sense of humor, I think. :slight_smile:

First, anyone saying I’m defending Millen is gonna get an earful. I do not like, support, agree with or have any commonality with his belief system. That said:

I’ll go over this one more time: Nazis believe certain things. Millen does not believe (or espouse) those things, thus he is not spouting “Nazi” beliefs.
[li]Nazis believe all “inferior” races should be exterminated. Millen is not suggesting that there should be a “Final Solution” and he’s gone so far as to say that he does not support violence as a way to achieve his goals of a “White homeland”. [/li][li]Nazis believe that there are “inferior races”. Millen has said at least twice that he doesn’t think that one race is superior, just that it would be better to keep them apart.[/li][li]Nazis revere Hitler. Millen has point-blank said that he doesn’t like, support or approve of Hitler.[/li][li]Nazis annex the Sudatenland and claim that they have a historical right to control Poland . Millen to the best of my knowledge has never invaded another country nor has he claimed ownership of Poland.[/li][/ul]

Thus, Millen is not a Nazi. If he is a “stealth-Nazi” :dubious:, he’s a remarkably ineffective one since he’s denouncing all their views. I’m not sure what he is, actually–he’s not quite a bigot: he doesn’t make claims of racial superority. He’s not a hate-monger–he’s been quite civil. I’ve never actually met a real, honest-to-gosh White Seperatist before (usually the label is self-applied by White Supremicists to disguise their bigotry) but based on what he’s written, Millen sure seems to be one.

Regarding the “88” thing, sometimes a number is just a number. I was Fenris_88 on the Internet on other Boards for a while and I assure you, I’m no Nazi. Unless I see some evidence of actual Nazi beliefs, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the name thing.


Yes, it is bad form. But I believe any form is appropriate to fight the most evil disgusting hate filled bullshit ever concieved. I value too highly the sacrifices of those who have died to defend the world from the evil Millen spouts, to let it go.

If you say he is not a NAZI and show me why, then I will apologize. Until then, fuck you and your lame ass defense of NAZI’s.

Anyone who feels like it can tell you to chill the fuck out. Unless the words “Moderator’s Notes” accompany same suggestion/request/etc., you can heed it at little or as much as you want.

I think if I were going to pit someone based on their political/cultural/etc. views, I would find a particularly weak argument stemming, in whole or in part, from two numbers in a person’s username. Do we assume that someone who has 69 in their SN is constantly engaging in oral sex?

And if so, is there a webcam hookup?:smiley:

King Nifty? :wink: *

I agree and as the son of a Holocaust survivor, I’m not willing to use that brush to tar everyone I disagree with. When someone calls for a “final solution”, I’ll call 'em a Nazi. When someone says “I want to build a wall around my state and keep everyone else out”, I don’t know what to call them (segregationalist? White Seperatist?) but whatever it is, it ain’t “Nazi”.

*Joke-I do not believe that askeptic is King Nifty. For newbies, King Nifty was a troll who’s gimmick it was to question completly normal things with a semi-hysterical fervor. IIRC, his most “famous” bit was when he went hysterical when an Aussie Doper claimed that they had trick-or-treaters even though Halloween isn’t a big holiday down there.

Oh, for the love of Cecil … Millen88 hasn’t even approached the levels of some vitriolic people we’ve had here (and we haven’t had a lot of hate compared to some other people the world has had to deal with). We’ve had some (IIRC) full-fledged Nazis here (note both a lack of capitalization and a lack of apostrophe). Nazi this cat ain’t, despite your protests otherwise.

Can’t you see the whitewash? This guy is just a smarter NAZI. Its all cookies and cream, untill you walk into the parlor.

Whatever whitewash was there, it flaked off and you must have eaten it.

Damn lead-based paint…