I pit Stuart Varney, for being an uneducated stupid ignorant douchebag

After watching this ridiculous News snippet, I really started to worry about the sanity of the average US TV viewer.
Who ever let a douchbag like Stuart Varney speak in public on TV? Yes right, that mega douche O’Reilly (percentage doesn’t matter, since it’s a much smaller country - at the 3min mark)

Naturally, the EU is not the US, but calling us pagan is uncalled for. However, that is fine and I can live with it, calling us pagan- Losers is going a bit overboard.
Pagans, right. There is NO alcohol available in Ireland on Good Friday, NO Store is allowed to sell it, in Germany, comedic theatre performances and events which include public dancing are illegal on the day.

Apparently, we are debt ridden, sure NO bank bail-out happened in the USA, that was only happening in the EU, like Ireland, don’t bother reading the list here:
Recession, what? Yes, there is a recessiongoing on here - apparently not in the USA, which is why thisis obviously a straight out LIE.

VAT (Value added TAX) none existing and un-American, so there is absolutely NO Sales tax in the USA either, so this is a LIE as well.
So, all these Americans paying this extra charge in the shops in the US (depending on state) are being conned by the clerks?
So I guess, THISun-American bail-out has not happen either?

Property tax - most EU countries don’t have it, read here. Guess what, they don’t take away you house either, if you fall short in paying you property tax – since there is NONE.

Yeah, yeah, weep for the poor stoopid American. If O’Reilly gets even one American in a hundred to watch, he’s considered a success. His audience is indicative of a fringe, not an average.

Think so?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_O’Reilly_Factor the wiki states following *“The O’Reilly Factor is the most-watched cable news show in the USA. In 2009, the show averaged about 3.5 million viewers a night.”

And then the US also got thisclown.

I hate O’Reilly with the passion of a thousand suns, but 3.5M/307M is pretty close to one in a hundred.

So… 3.5 million Americans vs. one American in a hundred, i.e. 3.07 million Americans.

Big whoop.

Yeah, but when you combine it with the ratings for Jersey Shore, that leaves two out of a hundred Americans with repulsive TV-viewing habits.

What the hell is wrong with you guys? :stuck_out_tongue:

Um, O’Reilly. I thought we’d established that!

Sure, sure, that’s why Glen Beck only earns $32mill a year and O’Reilly something like $10 million…completely negligible.

Sure, one in a hundred, that is still 3.5million, watching a News show like that? Jez, that’s a fucking hit show - and it’s only some douche talking horseshit stupid crap that he pulls out of his ass.

These two clowns are complete and utter idiots of the highest calibre… throw in American Idol and you soon got a bunch of idiots roaming the streets of America.

Yeah, and…?

Maybe, that’s why you get people like this in Politics to be successfull.

Fortunately, though, the idiots in the street aren’t really the important ones. We get progress though the work of scientists and engineers and such. It’s when the idiots in the street, be they brownshirts or teabaggers, get actual political power (that is to say, some politician who claims to represent the idiots convinces them to vote for him or her) and are in a position to hassle the scientists and engineers that we have problems.

Our population is a little over 300M. 3.5M is, of course, just over one percent of that. If that’s not a fringe, I don’t know what is.

Factor out children, etc., in the general population, then we might edge up to a few percent, but it still looks like a fringe to me.

There’s certainly no property tax at the federal level, though I agree that it’s extremely misleading to use that fact to argue that there’s no property tax.

Varney went to the London School of Economics. It’s no wonder he doesn’t understand economics.

This might explain his misguided understanding of economics. :slight_smile:

I just can not believe, how dumb these “hosts” think people are… really, who in their right mind can watch them on a regular basis. 3.5 million every day watching this garbage, that contradicts itself.
3.5 Million people every day, that maybe is 1% of the total population of the US on a daily basis, however that makes much much more than 1% of the voting population.

VAT is sales tax, sure taxation it is differnt in the US than the EU, but to blatently state that there is NO sales tax, is just a plain BS lie.

This might to an American, that does not watch FOX sound like, yeah yeah, ah well, thats just FOX but it is one way how the US is displayed and represented to the rest of the world.
Think of Germany, properly one of the first things that pops into your head is Hitler, yet there is much more to it, than just that.
The French have bad personel hygine, the Irish drink all day…etc.
When we hear US, we think of idiots like O’Reilly and Beck, eating junkfood and overweight fatties.

Another famous alumnus: Mick Jagger, That’s a true fact, you could look it up!

If only those eligible to vote are counted as viewers – but as far as I know that’s not the case. All 3.5 million viewers could be criminally insane 12-year-old illegal immigrants for all we know.

I don’t think Neilsen gives set-top boxes to 12 year old illegal immigrants.

Those “Hey Vern” commercials got old quick, too.

Glenn Beck is only in it for the money.

If you discovered you had this cash cow, would you milk it?