I pit the preschool board & wish washy moms.

Yeah, this is lame.

Our Co-operative preschool is having it’s end of the year party tomorrow at a park.

Everyone has to sign up to bring something. The amazing thing to me about this sign up sheet was everyone signed up for the food or drink, but no one signed up for the lesser things. So, I grabbed on for lighter fluid.

My contribution will cost me $2.49 plus tax. And I don’t have to bake anything and worry about it melting/going bad in the hot sun.

I got off pretty easy. Pretty fricking easy.
So, I have to get this bottle to The Mom in charge of the Food. We live seven miles apart. I have plans tonight. ( I’m going to the movies alone, but this is one of those things that other mom’s don’t understand.) But the cover story is that I am going to a Pampered Chef party ( insert barfy emoticon here.)

I ask where she lives and I will drop it off after 6pm.

She avoids telling me exactly where she lives and asks me where she can meet me. I don’t know this Mom at all. Don’t know her by sight. Don’t even know her name, as it was garbeled on my answering machine, but the number was coherent.

Every time I try to get the exact location of where she lives so I can drop off this stupid bottle of lighter fluid, she makes a BIG FARKING deal about how she has to take one of her kids here and pick up another one elsewhere and how about 8pm we could meet.

Well, that won’t work, Mrs. Cleaver, as I will be in the MOVIES like I just told you and why can’t I just drop it off at your front/back/side door you moron?

So, now after we go round and round on this matter, me trying to figure out what her underlying problem is and is just naturally obtuse or just a pathological wishywashy dipshit, she throws it all into my lap of ,
“What would be convenient for you?” bearing in mind that she is out of her house from 6-8p and is 14 miles WEST of where I want to be and I just put $64 worth of gas in my van and have to make that last until the end of the month and she won’t let me drop it off at her house for a drop & run effort so I can scurry away with no contact.

It took everything in my power to not bite out, " Dropping it at your house would be the easiers. Moreover, when you are not there, you twit." but I didn’t, as she is a board member and I am still waiting for my $75 reimbursement check for something.

I get to meet her in a middle school parking lot at 630p .
I think I feel my left eye twitching.

How odd. Although, she could be suffering from the kind of Messy House Sydrome that I’m currently enduring–one so bad that it occurred to me this morning that, if the air conditioner doesn’t start working, we’re just gonna have to be hot until we move, because I am NOT having anyone walk into my basement. And if we had a break-in and I chased the robber out at knifepoint, I’d consider not phoning the police because they’d wanna come IN and stuff.

But, hey! If you’re going to a Pampered Chef party, order a knife. They’re awesome. If you don’t wanna order anything, order one anyway and I’ll buy it from ya.


Oh, duh. I see you aren’t really going to a PC party.

Ah, well. have some extra golden-buttery popcorn on me. :slight_smile:

Maybe she once had to deal with a stalker, and now is Seriously Paranoid.

And you’re another mom??? Sounds overly paranoid to me. I can see if you were a strange man. But then I’d just SAY that, not pussyfoot around. I’d let the guy know, sorry, we’ll have to arrange to meet elsewhere, nothing against you, I just don’t have men I don’t know coming to my house.

And knowing that that was MY problem, and MY rule, I’d likely make it easy on him and arrange to drop it off to him so that he wasn’t having to make all the arrangements and go out of his way.

Weird person.

Maybe she’s homeless, and doesn’t want to reveal that to you?

Or there’s something she’s trying to hide. Marijuana patch? Meth lab?