I pit the SDMB

Not in character, but in essence.

I’m sick and goddam tired of timeouts. This is, by count, the 7th attempt to post this message; the previous 6 timed out. I’m sick and tired of opening threads and getting timeout messages. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Guys, will you pleeeeaaassee fortheloveofog upgrade the server from the 486 you’re apparently running on? Get one that’s got some bigass hamsters on the wheel and a hot connection, so that the users do not rise up and demand that heads be placed on spikes :mad: :mad: :mad:

ohshitohshitohshit, Cecil is gonna come to my house and kick my dog around, I just know it.

The sensible company never upgrades its equipment until its fully depreciated. That thing’s got some time in it yet.

Accursed of Og, we cast him into the Outer Darkness
To be munched upon by Cthulu!
His username be written in the Book of the Wretched!
His posts gathered to be peed upon by the Hamsters!
His e-mail addy given over to the Spammers Accursed!
So let it be Written! So let it be Done!

(All assembled point flashlights downward, and click to “Off”)

Maybe you need to update from that 16k modem you’re using.

Yeah, I breezing along like a bat out of hell. No troubles here.

I breezing along too. Fewer word, faster post.

I breezing your dog.

:: sweltering ::

When come back, bring breeze.

Kids these days, huh? Tried and true Amish technology isn’t good enough for these copascetic hepcats.

(Cue music: She’s an ENIAC…ENIAC!..on the dancefloor!)
Say, looking at that picture…in the lower right corner…is that a moth?


I have also been bugged with this. It appeared random and sporadic until I noticed this weekend, that it only seems to occur to me at home.

All frigging weekend, I could not get on here, through any of the three computers at home, all connected by cable modem. Neither this new laptop, the 5 year old Gateway, or the bus kid’s Powerbook could get on. All got the white screen after timing out. This morning, I got on here at the office lickety split, so I called the house, WOKE UP the bus kid and had her try again. No dice.

So??? Tell me, I know, I got hamsters at home too, right?

Bigass Hampster

Personally, I won’t be satisfied until I’ve installed Linux on my Analytical Engine.

And you’re bitching about how the board runs now?!

That complaint just made it through the hamsters.

Hey, hey, hey. That wasn’t a bug. That was a feature.

Make your time.

I was gonna do that… well…
I breezing like a motherfuck!

It does seem that the board is slow most Monday mornings.

But quit yer bitchin’… you’re just making the hamsters all that more tired.

Of course, what I meant to post was “I be breezing like a motherfuck.” Woo-hoo!

Carry on!

Seriously, what setup does this board run on? And what actual usage is there? Because there are (apparently) bigger/busier boards out there - I’m thinking of SomethingAwful - which seem to cope better.