I pit thee, subconscious

now get a life and quit ruining mine :frowning:

I would have thought a jellyfish’s subconscious must be a pretty low-key affair already…

I’m just a little jellyfish
And all I do is wiggle.
The other fish think that I’m quite dumb,
But it’s really fun to jiggle.

It sucks for the jellyfish, though, because he got himself into a real jam.

I concur. It is fun to jiggle.

I think you may be referring to some New World application of the word “jiggle” that I am unaware of. Let me consult my dictionary. Ah, here it is:

Off to MPSIMS.

Should we have use more bad words?

I still want to know why **TJ **is pitting his subconscious.

In lieu of a full explanation, I’m just going to go ahead and assume a wet-dream gone wrong. Maybe an appearance by a naked Karl Rove with a riding crop and a jar of pepper-jelly … something like that.

Haha. thanks for the laughs.

oh, and Jack Batty- interesting guess, but not even close :p. although you may have planted the seed of a truly horrific nightmare…

C’mon, TJ. You can tell us.