I pit Trump's pardons

This one goes too far, IMO.

I’m sure that Charles Manson had the respect and widespread support of his local community, too. So what?

Neither of these people deserves this pardon, IMO: they are entitled jackasses who think they can just take what they want and destroy it if they can’t have it. Fuck them.

Trump now seems to think that this is the populist move that will endear him to the public: freeing rich people, or freeing people liked by rich people, from prison.

It’s not like everyone is blind to the implications here:

So fuck Donald Trump, too; fuck him right up his stupid ass!

Jesus Christ. We now have FOURTEEN fires in Colorado. I’m smack dab in the middle of this shit. They should get much more than 5 years. This was intentional and malicious arson.


I’ll leave that to you. :slight_smile: I’ve no wish to be that near him. :slight_smile:

No worries; I’ll outsource it to some guys I know who hang out at the Home Depot. :smiley:

They probably don’t want to be near him either.

Maybe he meant the ones inside wearing the MAGA hats, benefitting from all the winning the tariffs have brought.

The President of the United States of America supports terrorism.

And obstruction of justice/destruction of evidence. Which is what these two yahoos where doing.

But of course we already know that about trump.



But only domestic terrorism. Not the bad kind of terrorism.

This is Donald Trump’s middle finger to the federal criminal justice system. His message is, “I AM the law.”

Trump probably feels like getting into bed with white nationalism is his best chance to escape the long arm of justice. Prior to 2016-17, the conventional wisdom - even among Republicans - was that you can’t win with just the white vote. But I get the sense that Donald Trump believes he can - he just needs to give more of them a reason to show up at the polls.

This “situation” does a couple of things.

Trump gives real law and order a big Fuck You signal.
Trump says the law will not punish you if you are “his kind” of people.
Trump gives rightwing extremist lunatics, sovereign citizens, and angry rednecks with guns the green light to do whatever they please, with his blessing.
It is a clear go-ahead to MORE Bundy types.
Trump uses this to distract from his giving public lands away to corporations - to plunder however they please (probably with a nice kickback to him).
Trump gets to say “fuck the law, I am the law”

These fine, Sovereign Citizens of the Land are finally free of the tyranny of the Federal Government!!

Jesus Ef-ing Christ. He couldn’t just commute their damn sentences? He had to pardon fucking arsonists??? I’d say I’m surprised, but sadly, I’m not.

He did commute the sentences, as far as I can tell. Is there a late-breaking pardon update I’m missing?

As long as he’s not “palling around” with terrorists then Republicans have zero concern about it.

Every story I see on this says it’s a pardon. (cite, cite, cite). Are all these news sources mistaken?

Apparently so. In that first NPR link, despite the headline, their own “list of pardons and commutations” shows it as a commutation.

Hmm. Then again, this and this sure make it look like they’re “full and unconditional pardons.” (PDF links)


I wrote a long post explaining that I thought it was likely they were in fact mistaken, based on the clemency-but-not-pardon documents I linked.

Then I read Vinyl’s links, and deleted my post, because those sources were apparently not mistaken.

I have no clue why the President issued a separate commutation and then a pardon, when the pardon of necessity includes an immediate end to any sentence.

But it appears he did. That zany Trump! He certainly is whacky!