I refuse to see a movie with (actor/actress) in it

Adam Sandler
Used to be Jim Carrey, but The Truman Show and Man in the Moon were good.

Charlie Sheen

Sandler, of course.

Tom Green

There’s actually a small but vocal boycot of Jane Fonda, for political reasons. I just don’t like her, myself.

Hugh Grant. I don’t know what it is about him but just looking at him irritates me. It’s too bad because I really want to see About a Boy. I enjoyed the book.

Richard Gere

and not because of the gerbil story, just cause he’s terrible

** Woody Allen. [/b}. The man is repulsive and morally bankrupt.

As a veteran(though in peacetime) I will not see a movie with Jane Fonda.

The Scientologist.
Jane Fonda still makes movies? Cat Balou is the only one I know of.

Leo DiCaprio.

Adam Sandler

Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.

Any of the Baldwin brothers.

Woody Allen – I never thought he was funny, ever, but now it’s worse because he’s creepy in addition to not being funny.

Billy Bob Thornton – is that even his name? I became enraged recently because he was spouting off about killing komodo dragons. Now I know this is a fairly stupid reason not to see movies, because all sorts of movie stars probably talk about many things that I don’t approve of, but for some reason this just SET ME OFF. I’m very fond of komodo dragons.

Ditto Hugh Grant and Woody Allen.

Add Gene Hackman.

Hi Opal! :slight_smile:

Have you seen Sling Blade?

Paulie Shore
Adam Sandler
Tom Green

And if he ever makes a movie, Andy Dick.

No actors, but I refuse to listen to REM due in part to Micheal Stipe’s condescension towards the Beatles.

Nick Cage
Something about him just rubs me the wrong way, the voice I think.
Sly Stallone

Adam Sandler
Tom Cruise
Julia Roberts
Richard Gere
Jim Carrey
Tom Green