I refuse to turn up my nose.

I was just on a Harry Potter fan site, where I mostly lurk. To be precise, I was on the message board. The median age there is 15, although there are a few adults (I’m 32). Anyway, for as long as I’ve been lurking there, there’s been one kid who posts a daily Movie Quote Challenge.

Today’s quote was: “It’s not a place you can get to on a boat or a train…It’s far, far away…”

Five responses so far. Two “I dunno” and three “LOTR?”.

But I refuse to give in to the temptation to say “Whaaaaaaaat?! How can anyone not know that? Aiya, these kids today!”. NBC just stopped showing that movie on TV every year, that’s all. Times change. Doesn’t mean any of the regs on that board are stupid or ignorant. And the person who posted it had to have known the answer.

I did decloak in order to post the answer. And I refrained from adding, “When I was your age, they showed on TV every year and I had an onion on my belt uphill both ways.” I refuse to lord it over them, as was done to my generation.

When soda withdrawal turns ugly…

I’m being tolerant, :wally

If television has taught us anything, it’s that television can teach us nothing.

So are you going to tell us the correct answer, or am I going to have to look this up? :slight_smile:

BlackKnight: You’re kidding, right?

I’ll give it away: It’s “The Wizard of Oz.” I’m more intrigued by the typed expression “Aiya.” Are you Asian, or do you know Asian folk? I lived with a Malaysian-Chinese woman for about six years, and she’d say, to express mild disdain, “ai-YAAaaa.” It sounds more intuitive when you hear it, and there are varying degrees, as I learned from her family. “ai-YO-ahh” is about the worst.

jackelope, there was an amusing “Aiya!” thread recently. (I think it was in IMHO.) Perhaps Rilchiam was referring to that thread or is influenced by it. For what it’s worth, my (Singaporean) mother’s side of the family makes extensive use of “Aiya”/“Ai-yo”; after spending time with them I tend to say it a lot too. Fun!
WRT to OP, I didn’t know the correct answer…

I didn’t know the correct answer either, and I’m 39. But I guessed it was Wizard of Oz, cause I remember them playing that every year on the TV.

However, it scared the bejeebers out of me when I was young, so I stopped watching it pretty early. How long did they run that? I was surprised that Rilchiam remembered it.

That is correct! I wanted to get on the bandwagon, since that is probably going to be a board catchphrase. (I’m Italian, and we don’t have a corresponding word/phrase.)

Zyada, I was born in 1970, and I remember it being showed every year from the time I was old enough to stay up for it until at least 1984.

So three people, if BlackKnight was serious, didn’t recognize it? Well, I’m glad I didn’t Calvin’sdad those kids! But seriously, that line was the lead-in to Over the Rainbow. I thought it would get a Pavlovian response!

This quote is also similar to the tone and some of the lines from that scene in the original Miracle On 34[sup]th[/sup] Street. The one where Kris is teaching the girl how to use her imagination.

I can’t recall the exact lines, but he tells her it’s a place. “You’ve heard of the British nation and the American nation. This is the imagination.”

In fact, I almost convinced myself that’s what film the Oz quote was from, until you mentioned it was shown on TV every year. Then the memories of Judy Garland in the barnyard gearing up to sing “Over The Rainbow” hit me like a Chuck Jones anvil falling from the sky.

FTR, I’m sure one of my kids would have got it. Sakura memorized that movie when she was about six or seven.

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I’ve seen the Wizard of Oz about a million times. For some reason, one of my English teachers in high school even made us watch it just a couple of years ago. Still I didn’t recognize it. I knew I knew it. I just didn’t know where it was from. It’s weird. I can remember lines of a song that I’ve only heard twice for the rest of my life, but I can’t remember lines from a movie I’ve seen a million times.
Except, of course, “There’s no place like home”, and “follow the yellow brick road”, and one or two more that have nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz.

“Dude, you got a tatoo.”
“Dude, where’s my car”
“and then???”

For some reason, those are easy to remember. Maybe because they’re fresh in my mind.

I was completely serious. (I’m 21, if anyone is interested in an age analysis of this phenomenon.)

The only time I’ve seen “The Wizard of Oz” was when I was about 5, so I don’t remember any details about it.

I do want to see it again, as I have aquired a copy of “Dark Side of the Moon”. :smiley: