I regret all of ____, except for ____.

Hopefully this thread idea isn’t too silly (or I’m not putting it in the wrong section). Simple: tell me what you regret almost all of, but also tell us the exception(s).

I regret almost all the computer games I’ve played. If I could have back all the time I spent playing StarCraft, that’d be great, n’kay? TF2 also. Having my Morrowind hours back would be nice, or at least all the hours I spent fighting cliff racers.

But I don’t regret Myst or Riven, and I don’t regret Portal 1 or 2. Those games had a beauty to me none of the other games had. I remember them as meaningful experiences rather than timesinks.

… all the beer I drank… the last one and the next one.

I regret masturbating so frequently to Motherless. Given the time wasted, I may have been able to devise a unified field theory.

i regret to tell you that I can’t play along. Sure, there are things (many probably) that I should have done differently, or in a smarter way. Good solid opportunities that I passed up on. Relationships that I shouldn’t have developed. Places that I shouldn’t have moved to. Drugs that I shouldn’t have tried… and tried again. But I’m getting tired of typing the words “shouldn’t have” already because all of those decisions and bad choices I learned something from. And, ultimately, they led me to where I am today. Not necessarily geographically speaking (though in part that’s true too) but to the person that I am at this moment. All of those things that I could easily “regret” were just part of the ride.

OK wait! There was that…one…guy. Yes, I do regret that, and him. Enough said.