I saw a nude man, woman, and child on a Canadian highway sign

Not exactly what you’d call graphic, but it still made me laugh, and it was a definite WTF moment for this American:

Why do they all have the letter “I” on their backs?

That is some crazy shit right there.

Isn’t that a sign for a nudist camp?

Yes, indeed—but not a commercial sign, like a billboard or something (which might be prohiibited in Canada? Sure seemed that way). This was an official roadside wayfinding type sign.


I take that as being a crude depiction of the crease your back muscles make.

I for indecent;)

This is why they’re separating Canadian children from their parents at the border.

Clothing and Necks Optional

And hair. They have hair loss issues.

If there’s one place in this world where I would not want to be naked, it’s the frozen north.

Yeah, isn’t that basically a form of assisted suicide?

It’s the frozen south you want to worry about.

If there had been a number on the sign, say a “5”, then it could stand for “Bare Asses, next Five Kilometers”

Are they all standing on a corrugated tin roof?

Yep, Nude Beach/Campground. There are designated nude beaches scattered around Canada but Quebec is a special due to their French roots and very liberal views on nudity,sex, etc…

Actually, it’s only frozen over for about 6 months of the year! :smiley:

Americans aren’t as prudish as people think; at least in the day.

I saw an actual fully nude family in Germany a week ago when I visited a lake. Dad, Mom, teenage girl, and twin toddlers. Also a few older people and at least one very beautiful woman was nude too. Pretty shocking for this American. Almost all the little kids were nude. My son was one of the few who wasn’t actually. Another day walking around town we passed through a kindergarten and saw as the teachers had all the kids strip down and jump into the pool naked as well. Convenient, no need for change of clothing. But couldn’t help but think how this would never happen in the US.

But it did happen for decades at high school swimming pools. There was a thread about this on the last year or so.

Though it has been unusually hot in much of Canada lately.

I’ve heard about that (so bizarre). These days even the high school locker room showers are cobwebbed from disuse—kids are much more modest than they used to be.

But fundamentally it’s not the nude beaches that surprise me but this official wayfinding sign. Some group of government bureaucrats commissioned this, which is wild.