I saw "My Super Ex-Girlfriend", for some . . . reason

Actually, I know why I saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It’s because the missus and I managed to plan our first movie date in months in the middle of a heat wave.

Even though we bought tickets online for Superman Returns, dropped the kids off at the grandparents, and hightailed it to the local metroplex in what we thought was plenty of time, we found the theater already packed with folks trying to escape the aforementioned heat. The only seats available were front row, all the way to the left. The wife said “No way”. So I went to guest services seeking an exchange, explained what the problem was, and my choices were Super Ex and Nacho Libre.

I needed some kind of super fix, so Super Ex it was. (In a theater with about twice as many seats as the one showing Superman . . . would it kill them to look into switching theaters if they need to?)
And you know what? It wasn’t too bad. Not great, by any means, but not exactly offensive, either. I’m always down with seeing Uma Thurman in anything skin-tight. Luke Wilson underplayed his role with a little too much sleepiness–a tad more intensity would have helped with a line like “You threw a shark at me!”–but otherwise was believable as a non-neurotic single Manhattanite who dates and dumps Jenny Johnson, a. k. a. superhero “G Girl”.

Rainn Wilson acquitted himself as the horndog best buddy who gets most of the good lines.

Eddie Izzard . . . hell, I didn’t even know he was in this movie until he showed up. He strains to play an American, and his character wasn’t well-conceived, but he does have some good lines. Well, a few.

Anna Faris is adorable. I haven’t seen her in anything else, but I wanted to chew her clothes off and give her a tongue bath.

Wanda Sykes should be congratulated for the paycheck she pulled down.
All in all, this movie could have been refined with a couple more rewrites. The motivations of some characters could have been clarified, and they missed a few opportunities for some good lines. But I can honestly state that there were some funny moments that didn’t make it into the trailer, which puts this movie ahead of about 80% of all the other comedies out there. Worthy of a viewing on DVD or cable.
And now I look forward to this thread dropping off to the nether regions of the SDMB, since apparently nobody else saw this movie.

I saw it last night because, well, my air conditioner went on the fritz.

I agree, it’s a cute movie with cute lead women. I ws entertained with some light hearted mindless fun.

Although Izzard really could have been developed more, as you said, it was fun watching him force an American accent, with a funky ephasis on his “R” sounds.

It’s a great comic premise; shame if the script wasn’t as snappy as it should have been.

I too saw it this weekend, as much for an escape from the heat as anything else.
I am kinda surprised it took this long for anyone to start a thread about the movie.
I like Ivan Reitman’s films. I found this to be a pleasant diversion for a coupla hours. Nothing too deep, some laughs and generally just good fun. I’m having a hard time these days getting interested in most of the films coming out these days. Watching the trailers, I realise I’m not the target audience for most of this crap.( Read: Anything with Will Ferrill, Adam Sandler…et al). This was not a great film by any means, but looking at the weekend numbers, it seems people are going to see Pirates for the 2-3rd time Rather than see something newly released.

I think it has potential, but decided not to see it opening weekend. Now I’ll probably wait and rent it.

I liked it a lot. The only problem I had with it was that no matter how psycho and neurotic Uma’s character got, she was still loads more attractive than the generically pretty girl that was supposed to be buddy’s ideal girl.

Oh jesus, the shark.

I saw it - not too bad. I have heard Eddie Izzard’s name many times in the past (foremost as a possible Dr. Who replacement a while back) but I had never seen him in anything (or at least not that I knew about)… Not bad…

Why are people apologizing for seeing this?

I actually haven’t seen it, but it looks funny. I’ve enjoyed Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman in everything I’ve seen them in. The premise is original. It’s Ivan Reitman who sometimes knocks it out of the park.

Nothing to apologize for.

I got 4 or 5 solid laughs out of it. Not bad at all. Won’t win any Oscars, but it’s pure entertainment.

I give it 2.5 out of 4. :cool:

I haven’t seen it, but that shark bit in the trailer was awesome. So I’m sure I will watch it at somepoint, if only just for that.

Haven’t seen it yet… its a ‘wait for DVD/On-Demand’ flick for us… I love the line from the preview:

It was nice to see “Bruce” get some work. For me the shark was my favorite bit.
Second was getting his car back at the end.

One thing that stood out to me, and anyone that saw the movie (which I really enjoyed and recommend) will know to what I am referring…

Do you reckon the word “F*CK” was changed to “SUCK” in post-production to get a PG-13 rating down from an R?

Quick question- Does it take place in a world of superheroes or is G Girl the only superhero?

I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination (any stretch I tell you), but I was uncomfortable in the theatre. When I saw it, about half the theatre was filled with kinds in the 13 an under range, and I was amazed at the amount of sex jokes, penis jokes etc. I know kids hear all of this, but for the first time in a long time, I was uncomfortable with the audience and the film.

It’s hard to tell. G-Girl seems to be the only Super of significant power in the NYC area, at least.

Also the slapping in the limo, and Eddie Izzard mumbling under his breath at the fashion show: “It’s Professor Bedlam, stop calling me Barry!”

There, that’s four laughs for you.