I saw Ronnie Drew live in concert the other night.

He’s not looking the best at this stage. He had to shave his beard and head, I think for cancer treatment. His voice is still magnificent. He sang a short set as part of The Legends of Irish Folk concerts. For those who don’t know him, he was a founder member of The Dubliners. It was s ally moving experience, partly seeing him play and partly seeing the audience. I was, at 25, perhaps the youngest person at the concert. There was sea of grey haired and bald heads and everyone was singing along and I don’t think there were many dry eyes left by the end of it.

Met Ronnie at a funeral a few years back. Lovely fella. Have seen the Dubliners a few times. Sounds like a great concert.

Seen Him on Ryan Confidential on rte1 a few weeks back; didnt realise who it was until he started to simg The Aul Triangle…

There’s no mistaking that voice.

Eek, Ronnie Drew without the beard just doesn’t seem right somehow. Still, I can see that the mega-beard would rather tend to get in the way of the throat cancer treatment. Good that he’s still going, and long may that continue.