Wow, U2 are loud in concert

U2 are playing at home tonight. Over the next few days they’ll play to 300,000 - 400,000 people.

I’m sitting in my apt. about 2 miles away from Croke park and can here them clearly. I may try to find a beer garden in a pub close to to the gig on Sunday.

Irishfella’s at the show tonight.
I couldn’t go…I have exams next week and need sleep and eardrums.

Nice pubs on the Dumcondra road.

A mate of mine is down listening to them tonight. I didn’t go because I couldn’t afford it and to me U2 are just a little bit shite.

My old house is visible in this map, and once or twice a year, there is a concert at the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park (also visible on the left). If I couldn’t tell there was a concert there by the lack of parking or the dramatic increase of hippies milling about, I could always hear it once the concert started. If I knew the band, I could recognize the songs, too.

Yeah the wind was just right when the sang “One”. I could hear every word.


Yeah, they’re loud. My ears were ringing for about 3 days after seeing them a couple of months ago in Vancouver.

Very cool that you get to hear U2 for free though. I’d love to get to see them play in Ireland some day, assuming I ever actually hit the combination of tickets/money/time off to travel. Oh well, at the rate they put out albums, I’ve got another 4 years to figure it out. :slight_smile: