I scanned half my photo album today

I’m so proud! I sat down, yanked a whole bunch of pictures from here, there, everywhere, and scanned, scanned, scanned, for almost three hours. I just did the last one for today.

Now to go off and e-mail them to the appropriate people.

By appropriate you surely mean us on SMDB? :wink:

Haha they are my family so I doubt you’d be interested. Mostly in India, too.

You should post them all online and share them with us. We love nothing more than photos of people we don’t know. :slight_smile:

What a great idea! I am busy posting them online as we speak.

Whaddya mean we love looking at pictures of people we don’t know? We know Anaamika. They’re all going to be people who are important to her, so it’s like we know 'em. <nodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodnod>

Have I convinced you, yet, Anaa?

The link’s in my profile now. I haven’t uploaded that many yet, but will continue doing so. I can’t see how it would really be interesting to anyone but me, except that some of my cousins are really handsome.

Link doesn’t work? :frowning:


(trots off to go figure out why it won’t work)

I may not be able to figure it out until tonight, at home, but I will try.

Oh. I neglected to make it public.

Someone want to try it now? I tried it, and it seems to work!

Warning: there are only four pics on there! I will put more on tonight.

The Krishna one is great! :smiley:

Thanks. :o I like it, too.

I’m thinking about it getting it printed up and framing it. It’s good enough quality for that, I think.

This is so much fun! Thanks for recommending it, **CynicalGabe ** & OtakuLoki!