SDMB anonymous photos: Take a photo of your feet.

Last week it was hands. And I got 20 photos. Not too bad. More than I expected.

Now, I don’t know why, but hands are easy to take photos of. Not many care if you see their hands. But feet…oh boy! That’s a whole other ballpark. A lot of people, I find, tend to be more self-aware of their feet and aren’t as willing to take a photo of them.
But, may I remind everyone, these are ANONYMOUS photos. Nobody, not even I, will know who it is or you are.

Again, take a photo and send it to:
Remember,…if your real name or SDMB name is attached to your email or your email, itself, reflects your real name or SDMB name…use another. You don’t have to if you don’t want (or don’t care), but if you don’t want me knowing anything about you, just use an alternate email (or make one really fast–it takes about 3 minutes).
Take and send a photo of your feet to that address above.
Feet as in, without shoes or socks on, in all their feet-y glory. :slight_smile:
I will put them in this album:
And if anyone ever wants to add their hand(s) to the hands one, feel free.
The feet photos will go until Tuesday, December 9th.

I like hand17…hand18 somehow makes me want some fried rice. Mmmm, fried rice…

Now you’re making me hungry.

And the first feet photo is in! Woo. As long as there is at least one photo, I consider it a success.

Well, THIS has been overwhelmingly popular.

Two new ones added. I’m not going to bump this again until the just before the time is up.

I just sent you one, Idle Thoughts. I’m not fussed if people know which are mine. They’ll be number 5 unless you’ve received others since.

I took it but I am tired and off to bed soon, so will send it along tomorrow.

Sending mine. They’re enough to put a foot fetishist off feet permanently.

I just sent mine. I supposed they would have looked less veiny if I hadn’t been standing at the time.

Wow, lots more waiting for me then, I guess. I’m going to have a quick lunch and then I’ll upload 'em.

All those hands and no “bird” shot? :smiley:

Feet sent.

Well, if you haven’t yet submitted a hands photo, feel free to add one. :slight_smile:

I don’t care if people know. I sent one in too.

We’ll recognize yours because of all the sawdust on 'em, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hand and feet coming your way…

Not bad.

Nice album. Kinda cool! I really like the one with the red shoes.

10 more hours to get them in…tomorrow will be another, different body part.

Yes, they are all pre-planned. I have list of them of what order they’ll go in. : p

Hands and feet on the way…

I see where this is going. Let me know when you get to the genitalia.