SDMB Anonymous photos: Take a photo of your tongue.

First it was hands, then it was feet. Now it’s tongues.

Just snap a photo off of your tongue in some fashion (try to get as close as possible so we don’t see your nose/eyes/etc) and send it to:
Feel free to be original. : )
Don’t say who you are and if you’re email isn’t so “anonymous” then feel free to use another. :slight_smile: Unless you don’t care me knowing who you are, that is.
Send your tongue to that email above and I’ll collect them all and put them in this album, the third one:

Also, if anyone ever wants to send their hands or feet in, I’ll add them, too.

I figure tongues will run (heh) until Friday, a week and two days from now.

How popular this one will be (I.E. how many photos I get) I couldn’t wager to guess, but maybe somewhere between how many hands (which is easy to take a photo of) and feet (which most people either don’t like or are too lazy to take a photo of) I’ve gotten. I’ll probably be wrong, though. I probably won’t get any.

Don’t forget to change the caption on the Tongues album. Right now it claims that it, too, is a collection of the anonymous feet of the SDMB.


First one in there and yeesh! That’d be pretty painful.


Sooooo not interested in seeing close-ups of tongues. -----> :stuck_out_tongue: