SDMB anonymous photos: Take a picture of your hands.

So I have this idea, although I don’t know if it will be popular.

I figured I’d make a SDMB anonymous photo album for a certain body part. Every week will feature a new body part. A new one each week until all the parts of the body have been used (which will probably take a long time since: 1. I can think of a lot of body parts and 2. I’ve been thinking about this idea for a long time and thought ahead of some body part ideas).

What you do is: You take a photo of said body part and ONLY said body part. Nothing else. No face, no far out shot, just a close up photo of the body part for that week.

Then you email it to:
This is my email. I will then collect all the photos that are sent to me and put them in the album I’ve made. No names will be attached. It will strictly be an anonymous gallery (always).

If/when you email me with the photo, you do not need to say who you are…and, in fact, if your email would give you away, just use an alternate or anonymous email.
So to start it off, I figure a photo of hands would be great. Send me your hands or a hand. The more artistic and original, the better. You can be holding something, you can be shaping them into something, you can place them wherever you want, as long as it’s a close up photo of your hands or a hand.

Send it to: and I’ll fill up THIS album:
…with the photos I get (if I get any, that is). The photos will not have any names and it will forever be anyone’s guess who the person is.

I was thinking more along the lines of taking pictures of our middle fingers… since we all have a unique style of flipping the bird… but that would be too negative.

I’ll post once I get the chance.


Tops or palms?

Doesn’t matter. Whatever you want. You can even be flipping the bird if you want.

You can post it here if you want to…or you can email it to me to keep that mystery/anon thing if you wish. :slight_smile: I think the fact that it’s anon is what would draw people more, haha.

Cool. First photo officially in there. Feel free to send your photos anytime in the next week…however even if just that one photo is the only one that was ever sent in, I’ll consider it a success.

The deadline is Sunday, November 30th.

This is a neat idea, Idle Thoughts.

Very neat idea, I’ll play along.

You WILL be doing boobies at some point, yes?

Hahahaha, probably, but not for awhile.

I want to get people comfortable first with the idea of (not only) all the various parts of the body (including ones you don’t normally think of) but also of being able to put those parts in artistic or original lights.

So if and when that time comes, I can only hope the photos I get wouldn’t be just that…but more arty and original.
I mean, just look at the hands I’ve got so far. Many different kinds, posed, in different positions, wide variety. Really great, I think. :slight_smile:

I’m going to go check my mail now and add any others that may be there.

Dude holding the Cafe DuMonde mug has a couple of busted knuckles, eh?

I didn’t even notice that, haha.

That one playing the piano is nice.

They’re all cool, for different reasons. In the one with the lady who is wearing a watch: I like the single jewel in the watch face. In the one with the crossed, upraised hands: I like the light around the hands. Etc.

That is a nice one. :slight_smile:
Two more added.

#1 is gorgeous. Mine will be along shortly–I have to position them at home where my essential hand activity happens.

Cool idea!

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Once you get a bunch of pictures, are you going to patch them together to create weird looking doper hybrids?

Frankendoper Lives!

Lots of new photos added.
Remember, the deadline is today. Still have time to be added (until midnight my time–so that’s about 12 hours).

Tomorrow I’ll post a new anonymous body part assignment.