I scored big!

Any bowlers out there? I want to announce my high score of all time. I bowled a 298 on Tuesday!!!

My average is down to 187 from a book average of 197 last year. I’ve been bowling fairly crappy all this year. I don’t know where this came from! 11 balls in the pocket, then I cratered and choked on the last ball, threw it slow and went through the nose to leave a 3-10 split. I was so nervous, my knees were shaking and I couldn’t catch my breath. I ended up with 298-216-196 for a 710.

But I’m happy! I get a ring and everything!

Sweet! My highest game ever was a 256, I choked much earlier than you.


Rockin’! I’m impressed! My high is nowhere even close, maybe 220 or something. I’m a dart player and love the near-perfect games, especially when playing against an arch-rival.

Somebodys gotta go back and get a shit-load of dimes!

As someone whose last game of bowling scored somewhere in the double digits, I humbly congratulate you.

Hehe, makes me think of a couple things. For my 14th birthday party, a bunch of us went bowling. They had scores on the wall of champs, we rearranged a 300 to say 003. And two friends walked down a bowling lane, they thought about grabbing a pin and taking it back but got yelled at about 5 feet before the reached the pins. Hooligans :slight_smile:

I hope you didn’t listen to NPR’s Marketplace tonight.

nice work!

The first time I ever bowled I got a 200 but since then I average somewhere around 100 (that’s probably a bit generous).

The first time I ever bowled I got a 13. I kid you not. My highest bowling score ever has been something around a 70, I think. I believe I’ve made one strike and something like 3 spares in my bowling career. (I bowl about 2-3 a year, for about the past 4-5 years.)

Congrats, Dolores! As someone who can count on one hand the number of times he’s broken 200, that impresses the hell out of me.

I choked a bunch of times when I was first trying to get a 500 series. Three or four times, I came down to the end of the last game, just needing a simple spare pickup to put me over, and didn’t make it. One time, I started off 192-187, which I’d still like to be able to do more than occasionally. Bowled a 119 in the last game for a 498 - IOW, I choked away the whole third game! So I understand about choking. :slight_smile:

I was on a bowling league years ago, and they gave me the trophy for the most improved, bringing my starting score from a 60 to 90-something. Boy, was I popular! All the teams were fighting for my unnaturally high handicap. :wink: