I seldom agree with her, BUT Margaret Carlson...

is soooooo totally cute & even bordeline hot! She SET the standard for Tina Fey (who IS quite fine, I will concur!)

Since Margaret’s on TV (CNN’s THE CAPITAL GANG mostly) I thought Cafe Society was the appropriate forum, but if it’s not-
OK, move it.

Margaret Carlson is an absolute twit. In a year that saw Enron, rampant molestation in the Catholic Church, John Muhammad, and many other travesties, she picked as her “Outrage of the Year” on the Capital Gang the issue of Republican leaders being booed at Paul Wellstone’s funeral. And the funny thing is, she is supposed to be a liberal voice in the media! What a buffoon.:mad:

I can’t fully criticize her awareness as I thought I was posting this in Cafe Society while I really put it into Great Debates.

Moderator’s Note: And now it’s in IMHO!

Funny world, ain’t it.

I’ve met Margaret Carlson and she’s not as cute as you would think. She was also wearing a business suit with sandals.

I’ve also met Mark Shields at my job. He was a very nice guy. I don’t think as many people have lustful thoughts about him.