I shaved my head

Observations so far:

Scalp is really sensitive to air movement. Even the breeze from a slow walk is noticeable.

I have a shapelier head than I suspected, but I do have a rather disturbing long dent in it that you can see in certain light. I’m wondering it it’s due to one of many head injuries I received over the years.

I have a slight headache behind my eyes, which I’m pretty sure is due to my head having to readjust to a different level of insulation - I’ve experienced this before when I had my hair cut short after growing it long, but never this intense.

I keep subconsciously feeling my head, not to feel my scalp, but to check how wet my hair is - the coolness feels like when your hair is wet.

A bald head produces a lot more friction than one with hair - when I dried my head earlier after a shower the towel caught on my head and I inadvertently pulled my head to the side.

Why stop with your head? Why not just shave every hair on your body?

I know it wasn’t right, but it felt so good… -Better Than Ezra

I must admit, I’ve toyed with the idea of shaving my head, but not real seriously. As an older guy, I feel it might look affected (or just plain stupid), or else make me look like a chemo patient.

Or like a thumb.

Since I have a full head of hair anyway, I figure I might as well keep it.

You might consider changing your nick to Baldtz Maru :smiley:

Post a pic somewherez!!!

And what ever you do, don’t wear a peach colored turtle-neck sweater. :wink:

Well, my eyebrows keep sweat from my eyes. My goattee makes me look roguish. My armpits are so sensitive that it tickles just to think of shaving them. Shaving my pubes is tricky and it itches when it comes back in. The rest of my body hair isn’t worth the trouble - not too thick, and it took well over an hour to get my head smooth, I’d have to spend a weekend shaving my body.


I started innocently enough by just buzzing off everything with a pair of Oster dogclippers I got at a yard sale. Eventually you just gotta get it all off. I shave every day. I keep thinking “today I won’t shave,” but I do anyway. I think next Halloween I’ll paint my head orange and draw a face on the back of it for a jack o’lantern.


Another baldy. Welcome, brother!

The newness will wear off. But that air sensation is still pretty cool. As long as you have a good shape to your head, baldness is cool.(You never really know until you take the plunge!)

Wool hats and hooded sweatshirts will continue to be a problem though. Your head is kinda like velcro now.

Mine’s been grown in for a while now. I don’t miss virtual strangers feeling that they could just come up and touch my head. What the hell? I’ve never had the urge to touch anyone’s shaven head. Is there something special about mine? (Are you getting this too, or is just 'cuz I’m short and cursed with “cute” genes?)

Larry Mudd = Elmer Fudd?


jabe: Larry Mudd = Elmer Fudd?

I need to re-buzz mine. I usually only use clippers with no guard, though, because it’s too much of a pain in the ass to use a razor.

Have you been able to go 5 minutes without rubbing your head yet?

I’ve been chromed for over a year now, and I still like to rub my shiny round skull.

I haven’t had the experience of other people coming up and randomly touching it, though. But some people’s remarks/jokes would lead you to believe that they think you don’t know you’re bald (ie, really obvious jokes) or that you welcome remarks about it. I’ll make the jokes here, thank you. When you shave your head, then you can come talk to me about it.


I have been thinking of doing this for a while. I keep getting my beard trimmer and after trimming other places, I consider doing my head, but I keep chickening out. I don’t know about shaving all the way, but maybe just give myself a buzz. Maybe someday, after a few beers.

I stopped shaving my head a while back, but it was a cool year for me when I did.

People have respect for the mean look when there isn’t any hair and a goatee. Yeah, Great Results.

I was glad my head was shaped well, and was surprised that being bald discouraged me from wearing hats. They made my head hot and stuck to it.

The worst part was making my head the same color as my face. That took about a month.

I was always feeling on my head, and my old lady did too. It felt good and relaxing, but no one else touched my head without asking. Then again, I’m 6’1" and most people couldn’t reach that (waco = short).

Zyada should have a pic somewhere of my bald head. Of course I hadn’t shaved it that day, so the belly dancer notified me of my need to find a razor.

Oh, and find some bump stopper if you will. You’ll be glad you did. I have really really straight hair, but still got annoying bumps. This stuff will be your friend.

Practice on your mean face. It will get you what you want in the future. Especially if you are wearing an earring in your ear(s). Yeah, that was the best.

When I (a female) shaved my head a couple of years ago, I thought it was a right hooting experience, and so posted pictures of the shaving experience on my website.

Little did I know that there’s a pretty large population of bald fetishists out there. Yech! During my bald stint, nearly everywhere I went, people asked me out. Men and women both. Have you had that experience?

My scalp was the same color as the rest of me. I don’t tan very well but I don’t get very pale either - my legs, which never get sun, are not much lighter than my forearms.

I’m still shaved, but it’s kinda annoying that I have to shave every couple of days.

Shaving my head was a liberating experience. I was able to let go of the usual tasks of thorough washing, combing cutting to keep a style, whatever. Great time saver.

I felt a bit exposed for a day but I got used to it. I kinda liked the way the air felt on my scalp. I would rub my hands over my head because it felt nice. Girls definitely liked it because they always wanted to touch my head. The one on top of my neck, that is. :wink:
As for the “bad ass mo’ fo” vibe…I couldn’t really sense anyone deliberately avoiding me. But if it worked I guess I wouldn’t know, would I?

I have had very strange reactions. A lot of people just are not ready to accept bald women. It’s really annoying. I have my head shaved right now, but with a fringe of pink bangs. From some of the looks I get (not to mention the way my neighbors treat me) you’d think I was wearing a sacrificed human baby on my head. sigh

I did this about three years ago. I went from middle-of-the-back college length hair, to regular haircut-need-a-job length hair, back to almost shoulder length hair, to new-management-you-have-to-cut-your-hair-ok-i’ll-shave-it-that’ll-show-those-bastards no hair. I shaved it again two days later and then said screw it and have kept it about buzzcut length since then. I like the low maintenance thing I got going on with it. I cut it myself with electric clippers about once a month. I shaved off the goatee about two weeks ago, though. I’m going to do without it for a while.